Interview With The Founder & Editor Of Grace Gems!

I recently had the opportunity to do an email interview with the
founder and editor of the very useful and profitable website Grace

If you do any Googling whatsoever for quotes and books of the reformed
faith, there is no doubt you have been directed to this treasure trove
of freely offered books, quotes, sermons, and excerpts.

For me personally, 99% of the material I use on The Octavius Winslow
comes from this wonderful storehouse. Without Grace Gems, the
daily Morning and Evening Thoughts would have never left the starting
gates. I am deeply thankful for the time and energy that has been
devoted to the mission at Grace Gems.

1) Can you tell us a little about Grace Gems?

The Lord was graciously pleased to save me in 1975 through the reading
of Arthur Pink’s “Sovereignty of God” and “Attributes of God”. Since
that time, the Lord has given me a voracious appetite for the best
devotional writings. Grace Gems is my feeble attempt to serve God and
His people, by freely publishing these choice materials on the
internet. My objective is to set before the Christian pilgrim — some
reflections which may prove challenging, consolatory and encouraging —
as he journeys up from this bleak, arid, wilderness world, leaning on
his Beloved.

My purpose has been the same since the start:

To humble the pride of man,
to exalt the grace of God in salvation
and to promote real holiness in heart and life.

This ministry actually started as “Grace Quotes” back in 1997. At that
time I bought my first computer, and started to send quotes to the 6
Christian people I knew who had email.

In 2002, I started a website, changed the ministry name to “Grace
Gems” — and began publishing out of print books and sermons, along
with the daily quotes.

In 2007, I added choice audio recordings.

Recently, one of my subscribers (Daniel Weiss from Victoria, BC) has
graciously started adding video to my audio recordings — and then
posting them on YouTube.

2) Over the years you have amassed quite a library of digital content!
What process do you use or how do you go about adding and seeking out
new content to put on the site?

I am very selective in what I publish. The most important thing is to
find choice materials. Everything must be Scriptural, devotional and
well written. I never publish anything I would consider as mediocre —
everything must be bona fide “gem quality”.

All of the authors I publish are noted for their sound, rich theology
— their deep devotion — their extensive knowledge of Scripture — and
their constant aim to improve the heart, to guide the conscience, and
to sanctify the life.

Most of the materials I publish have been scanned in from old books
printed in the 1800’s. It is quite a challenge correcting all the
thousands of scanning errors from these old books, most of which are
falling apart.

3) Are there any authors you have not currently touched on yet that
you hope to in the future?

Yes, but they would be too many to enumerate. I have some 20 years of
materials remaining on my “to publish list” — though it is unlikely
that my 59 year old body and mind will hold out that long.

4) With the explosion in what has become know as “The New Calvinism”,
how do you feel Grace Gems can or has played a role in rooting
believers squarely in the Reformed faith and doctrine?

First of all, I am very encouraged by this increase in interest in the
Doctrines of Grace. It is precisely to this new generation of
Calvinists, that Grace Gems is most beneficial. Everything I post is
updated to modern English — making it readable and accessible to young
Christians who would have difficulty understanding these classic older

5) Whenever I do a Google search on a particular puritan or writer of
yesteryear, it seems that Grace Gems always comes up within the top 3
hits. How many authors and how much content do you currently have?

Many of the 80 plus authors I publish, are virtually unknown in our modern era.

I have published over 300 full length books, myriad sermons and
articles, some 850 audio files, and nearly 5,000 daily devotional

6) Please tell us a bit about Grace Audio Treasures.

For years I had wanted to put some of these choice writings into audio
format, but could never find the right “reader”. In 2007, I
providentially came across the perfect person — a professional
Christian reader who agreed to do my recordings for a fraction of the
price that he normally charged.

Then, over a year ago, one of my subscribers (Ruben Sarrion from
Spain) sent me a recording he had done of one of my daily gems. It was
fabulous — and he even graciously offered to do them for free. He also
is a professional reader — and puts his heart into everything that he

Really, the audio recordings are the best thing on Grace Gems, as I
always select my favorite quotes to be recorded. I recently spent many
hours doing my fall yard work, while listening to these gems on my MP3
player. It was perhaps the most delightful work I have ever done! One
day I was raking leaves for a full 8 hours — and didn’t even get

7) I love to receive my daily email devotions from Grace Gems. Tell us
a bit about this service you offer.

These free daily email devotionals are the heart of this ministry.
This has grown from my original 6 — to over 12,000 daily subscribers.
This never ceases to amaze me, as the growth comes by word of mouth
alone — that is, from people forwarding a favorite quote to a friend,

J. R. Miller was right when he said, “Nothing is more helpful and
practical in Christian living — than the habit of getting a verse or
phrase of Scripture into the mind and heart in the morning. Its
influence stays through the day, weaving itself into all the day’s
thoughts and words and experiences.”

I normally choose my daily quote from the material I have been reading
earlier in that day. For example, I have been going through the works
of James Smith — so virtually every recent quote, has been from James
Smith’s writings.

I normally publish things that powerfully affect my own heart —
usually something very challenging, or helpful, or uplifting. I reason
that if something is very edifying to myself — that it may have the
same effect on others.

8) What vision do you have for Grace Gems in the coming future?

My goal has always been to freely provide a treasury of ageless,
Sovereign Grace, devotional writings. I really have no plans for doing
anything additionally, or differently. I have always focused on
faithfulness — and left the results up to God. My wife and I are
currently working on updating John Bunyan’s classic, “Pilgrim’s
Progress”, and hope to publish a professional audio recording of it as

9) Lastly, what else would you like your readers to know about Grace Gems?

There are several things:

Though this ministry is a full time job — it really is the passion of
my heart. There is nothing I enjoy better, than feasting my soul on
these gospel gems.

I have a very liberal “copyright policy” which essentially allows
anyone to use anything they like — in any way they desire.

Everything is free. I do not accept donations.

I answer all email.

And lastly,

“Remember that it is not hasty reading, but serious
meditation on holy and heavenly truths — which makes them prove sweet
and profitable to the soul. It is not the mere touching of the flower
by the bee, which gathers honey — but her abiding for a time on the
flower, which draws out the sweet. It is not he who reads most, but he
who meditates most — who will prove to be the choicest, sweetest,
wisest and strongest Christian!”

Thomas Brooks

Please stop in to the Grace Gems website and browse their virtual bookshelves or drop them an email at

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Blog Recommendation For Fighting Legalism

If you have enjoyed my posts here concerning putting to death the black dog of legalism and trusting wholly on the Saviour’s gospel, please check out Terry Rayburn’s blog Grace For Life.

I have benefited from his work greatly. You can also follow him on Twitter.

If you are mp3 nerd like me, check out his weekly radio program too!

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The Drug of Self Pity

“Feeling sorry for yourself is one of the strongest, most addictive narcotics known to man. It feels so good to feel so bad. Self-pity arises so easily, seems so plausible, and proves so hard to shake off.”

David Powlison

HT: JollyBlogger

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Interview With Nicholas Gray of R.L. Allan’s Bibles

Installment three of my bible interviews now moves onto Nicholas Gray of R.L. Allen’s Bibles of Glasgow, Scotland. Allan’s has been producing extremely high quality bible editions for almost 150 years now and are the industry leader in quality and excellence of binding.

1) Can you tell us a little bit more about R. L. Allan’s?

R.L.Allan is almost 150 years old and Robert Allan published John Nelson Darby in the 1870s, the father of dispensationalism. Darby’s Bible translation came out in the 1890s. The Allan family were active in evangelistic work in Glasgow and I am a trustee of the Gospel Mission they founded in a needy part of this city. It’s still going after 120 years.

Allan’s have been publishing Bibles for most of this time and built their reputation on publishing fine quality traditionally bound  KJV Bibles.

My own Gray family have been publishing Bibles since 1906 under the Pickering & Inglis name and then from 1970 under the Allan name, when my father bought the business from the Allan family.

So we have always been a family-run business. The Allan company had a bookstore in Sauchiehall Street for many years, and our oldest ex-employee is now 95 years young. She runs the Mission!

2) You’ve made a ton of people happy by finally agreeing to produce NASB editions and we thank you wholeheartedly for doing so. Here in America it is a very popular translation. Can you give us a glimpse into how you produce a new translation edition series like this?

Our reputation is built on our fine bindings mostly. Until recent years we stuck with the KJV translation because that was what we knew our customers wanted. But since I took over the company in 1989, we’ve expanded into NIV, NRSV and ESV. We plan to make NASB and NLT editions this year too.

Sometimes we’ll print an edition for ourselves such as the KJV and the ESV. We took over Oxford’s KJV range of settings and we work with HarperCollins and Crossway with the ESV. Sometimes we buy printed and folded sheets from our partner publishers.

I’ve been in Christian publishing for over 35 years, working for such publishers as Collins in the UK and Zondervan in the States, and now with Allans. So I’ve been able to develop close working relationships with many Bible publishers. That established trust is what enables us to be partners with Lockman and Tyndale House and Hodder and the others I’ve mentioned.

All these relationships are personal, rather than formal and commercial. A metaphorical handshake is all it takes to seal the matter.

3) Can you share with us your relationship with and Mark Bertrand?

Basically it’s based on friendship, or really fellowship. Paul at simply asked to distribute our Bibles and Mark seems to like Allan Bibles. So our online friendships have grown through our mutual love of fine Bibles. Mark has no link to Allan’s and we don’t pay him to say nice things about what we do! But we love it when he does.

4) What was your first bible?

My first Bible was a lovely red French Morocco KJV Bible published by Eyre and Spottiswoode, Her Majesty’s Printers.It was given to me by my parents and was inscribed with my date of conversion when I was four years old

5) What is you favorite bible?

My favourite Bible is dated 12th November 1922 and is inscribed with the name Helen Mair. It measures 1 3/4 inches high, 1 1 /4 inch wide and 1/2 inch thick! It has a magnifying glass which is hidden in a pocket at the front of this tiny KJV Bible and with this the Bible is perfectly readable. This little Bible is bound in brown calfskin and was printed here in Glasgow by David Bryce and Son. It carries the Royal Licence.

6) I notice that your editions are often said to be “bound in England”. Can you expand on that a bit?

As publishers we don’t print or bind the Bibles ourselves. We seek out the best printers and binders around the world, and because our aims are not foremostly commercial, quality always surpasses cost in this quest.

Our best editions are bound near London at a craft bindery whose owners have royal warrants from the Queen for their fine work.   These volumes are each hand-finished on the bench and are not mass produced in any way.

7) As you most assuredly know, there has been a tremendous boom in high end bible editions such as yours which is mostly attributed to places like the Bible Design Blog and Can you tell us your thoughts on this new reconnaissance of bible edition interest?

Fine Bibles are things of beauty, no doubt, and we are stimulated by our customers’ encouragement for us to do better. Bur our passion is to produce beautiful bibles that will last for many years and be read for spiritual profit and growth. After all, its what is inside the covers which is eternally important.

R.L.Allan is unique in that we don’t really sell through bookstores. That allows us to draw very close to our customers and each one is a personal contact. We listen to them and try to respond to their wishes, if we can.  Much of the new ideas come from customer suggestions. Being a small company we can be flexible and responsive.

8) On your website, it says:

“R L Allan have recently been granted the Queen’s Royal Licence under Letters Patent to publish the Authorized King James Version Bible in Scotland.  Queen Elizabeth still holds the copyright to the KJV Bible in the UK.”

Can you expand a bit on that?

Being granted the Queen’s Royal Licence for Scotland is an honour more than anything else. Queen Victoria set up the Bible Board in 1839 to police unauthorized editions of ‘her’ Bible. We stand in that tradition. I had to post a bail of £500 in case I misbehaved. Back in 1839, that must have been a fortune!

Cambridge are Her Majesty’s Bible Publishers for England. So we have a friendly arrangement that their Bibles can circulate in Scotland and ours can go into England, and everyone’s happy.

9) Could you share with us the process of art gilding and how it is accomplished?

The page edges are gilded with gold foil using heat and intense pressure. Then the red dye is sprayed by hand onto the gilded edges and the colour appears under the gilding. Hence ‘red under gold’ or art gilt edges. You see the red as you flex the pages and it adds lustre.

10) Are you able to give us a glimpse into the near future for R.L. Allan’s?

We sometimes surprise ourselves. Paul at is close to our US customers and, sensing that there was a read desire for a top quality reference NASB, suggested we approach Lockman. They were about to reprint their side column reference edition and so we agreed to take some sheets for an Allan edition of this very attractive setting of the NASB.

2011 is an important year for the KJV Bible as we celebrate 400 years of this venerable translation. Allan’s will have some special editions of the Longprimer edition to mark the occasion.

The NIV will also have its first full revision since the mid 1980s and that will be an important milestone. We’ll have a new setting of the revised NIV, working with our good friends at UK publishers Hodder & Stoughton. As it happens, my nephew is the Bible Director there!

11) How have both bibles and the process of publishing bibles changed in the past 50 or so years?

The technological shifts in printing from letterpress to web offset and from film to digital imaging have revolutionized the processes.  With the introduction of the new translations from the 1960s on and with modern fliexible technologies, the Bible text has become in flux as the translators continually seek for more and more accuracy in transcribing from the original manuscripts and our understandings of them. This is unsettling for many Bible readers of course, and the KJV remains a bulwark for many against that tide of change.

12) From Jonathan Ammon, would you consider producing a lower priced, entry level edition so others who might be able to afford a few of your editions can get started with a high quality Allan’s edition at a lower price point?

We do this already and generally we provide a cheaper but very good quality edition in French Morocco leather.

13) From Brian Damaged Davis, how do you determine how many of a particular edition to produce at any given time?

We don’t make many at any one time.  When we print we have to lay down sheets for many years’ use,  but we bind in small numbers in batches. They are all hand-finished and that means that we can’t rush it.  We think in hundreds rather than thousands.  As good stewards, we have to husband our resources because we are not a big or wealthy outfit and each Bible is expensive to make.

14) How long would it take to bind a typical Allan’s bible such as the Longprimer?

It takes about three months from taking the folded sheets through to a bound Bible. The sheets have to be collated, then sewn, then endpapered with leather or other material.

Meanwhile leather has been selected and ordered from the tannery, then cut to shape. The covers are made by hand and stamped with gold foil. The trimmed text block and covers are married up and bound by hand on the bench, before inspection and boxing. It’s a long and labour-intensive operation.

15) Finally, please share with us anything else you would like us to know about R.L. Allan’s.

It was the internet which brought us to the attention of the wider world. We had been a ‘best kept’ secret until that new era. We had long served a particular market of KJV readers who knew what an Allan Bible meant. So the world wide web has transformed our small business, not into a big business, but we remain a small business with a growing and loyal customer base who drive us on to aim for perfection in Bible production.

Of course, we’ll only get perfection in heaven, but we do try very hard to serve our customers and listen attentively to their needs. They are most generous to us.  I want to thank all our Allan Bible readers who are so gracious and encouraging to us in our ministry.

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Interview With Paul Cline of

A few months ago I was able to ask Mark Bertrand of the Bible Design Blog a few questions regarding his opinions on the topic of bible design and binding.

Now, this month I was able to interview Paul Cline of I asked him his thoughts on the same subject, as well as some personal questions regarding himself as the owner of

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself personally.

I was raised in Southern Africa (my parents are missionaries) until I returned to the US for university.  I went to William & Mary in VA for undergrad and Duke for graduate school.  I have 4 children.  I am an adjunct professor at our local community college.  I am an ordained SBC pastor and am a church planter.  I am also the founder and owner of (Does it sound like I have time for hobbies?)  I am an avid reader and student of world history.

2) How did come to be? came into existence for 2 reasons.

First, as a church planter with 4 kids living in the San Francisco area one always needs supplemental income.

Second, Bibles and Bible translation has always been of keen interest to me.  I started selling books on marketplace, but realized we could do a lot better with our own website.  I was immediately drawn to the ESV translation because it represented the “RSV with a faith lift.”  The RSV had been my favorite translation previous to the ESV because of its accuracy and poetic rhythm.

3) What is your personal all time favorite bible?

Good Question.  Though I don’t use either Bible, my 2 favorites are the Allan Longprimer 53 and the Cambridge Concord Ref. Goatskin.  Both of these Bibles are about as well built as can be expected.

4) I understand you have worked side by side with Allan’s to produce the Allan’s Reader. Can you share what your relationship is with Allan’s? and R.L. Allan and Sons are partners, not competitors.  We were contacted about 4 years ago by Allan who asked us if we would consider stocking their ESV line.  After a few attempts we decided to give it a try.  Since then, has become the official US distributor of the Allan Bible.  The owner of Allan, Nicholas Gray and myself share a lot in common beyond Bibles.  Nicholas has lived in South Africa and Zimbabwe and we actually have mutual missionary friends who live in that area.  That shared African experience goes a long way.

One of the unique aspects of Allan is that we are truly customer driven.  The upcoming NASB is a perfect example.  Our customers continually asked us to have Allan bind the NASB.  We had a conference call with Allan who approved the plan.  We then went back to our customers and asked for their favorite typeface.  After our survey we went to Lockman (publisher of the NASB) who sold us the relevant Bible sheets.

As for the Reader’s…It was actually in some aspects a resurrection of the former ESV Deluxe Reference Bible.  We thought that the ESV would benefit from a bit more legible typeface. Allan agreed with our insight and decided to obtain the sheets…The same will be done with the Oxford Brevier Wide Margin…..

5) What is your best selling bible of all time?

In terms of sheer volume we sell more ESV pew Bibles than any other Bible.  After pew Bibles-the Allan ESV1 has been our best seller for the past 3 years.  It will be back in print this September.  The Allan Goatskin Longprimer comes in close 2nd followed by the Cambridge Pitt Minions.

6) What changes would you like to see take place in the actual production of bibles today?

First, I am always concerned that not take on a ‘snobby’ image of ‘Bibles for the elite.’ As a church planter and street evangelist, I proudly hand out 100’s of 25c NT paperbacks (though I prefer paperbacks with the OT as well)…and proud of it. Having said that, the Bible is a special book for Christians.  A cheaply bound novel may not be a bad investment if it is only read once or twice.  Our customers are people who study and use their Bibles daily. It therefore makes sense to have a Bible that is legible, durable, practical, and elegant (to some degree).  Many publishers seem more focused on the design of the Bible cover than the integrity of the paper, and the binding in general.  I wish more publishers were concerned about binding integrity than ‘glow in the dark’ covers.  Allan publishers are an exception here.

Their goal is truly to give you a Bible that will truly allow you to use it without it disintegrating over time.  I have also been impressed with the Bible manager at Cambridge UK, Chris Wright.  He has come out with many innovative and durable Bibles-they have in many ways pioneered the Single Column typeface which show up in more translations than the NIV.   Cambridge truly spends a lot of time examining every detail of Bible manufacturing before they bind one.  Cambridge went through a challenging period with some poor quality binding material a few years ago, but we recommend their current line without reservation.

7) Do you find that bible publishers are now listening to people like yourself and Mark Bertrand and implementing your suggestions and ideas?

Ironically it is the higher end Bible publishers that are the most willing to listen to new ideas and suggestions.  Even though Allan and Cambridge are 2 of the oldest and most prestigious of Bible publishers, they are the most willing to hear new ideas.  Since we partner with Allan, we literally have a ‘team’ spirit when discussing future editions.

8) If you could change one thing about, what would it be?

I wish we had the resources to answer phones.  We will likely add this feature to our store soon.  I also wish British Bible publishing was a bit more reliable….I know it’s difficult for our customers to see their favorite Bible go out of stock for 6 months at a time.

9) How many bibles do you personally own?

I own about 6 Bibles, 5 of which were gifts.  I bought an ESV Large Print Bible, which is the one I use daily.  It is both legible and doesn’t have ref’s-which are a distraction for me.

10) What advice would you give to someone purchasing their first high end bible who is new to this area?

Research before you purchase!


1. Translation

2. References or not

3. Legibility

4. Paper Quality

5. Binding, ie. Pigskin, Calfskin, Goatskin…

6. Size, etc.

It is important to realize that all Bibles have their strengths and weaknesses.  The customer needs to find the Bible that best suits his needs in a Bible, understanding that there is no Bible that can meet all of your needs at the same time., ie. “I want a Large Print, compact, light in weight, wide margin, opaque paper, thinline Bible that can fit into my coat pocket!” All Bibles have ‘trade-offs.’  Please take time and research the Bible that best suits your particular needs.

11) What was your first bible?

A dark brown hardback NIV.

12)  If you could say one thing to bible publishers today, what would it be?

I’ve said a lot above.

13) Share with us anything else you would like us to know about eb! is devoted to bringing the message of faith and repentance to our desperately lost world.  Please remember that we have an apologetics aspect to our business.

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Presten ESV Compact Deluxe

Thanks to places like the Bible Design Blog and, many of us have gained quite an education on the ins and outs of high end bible bindings. Never have so many been able to identify the difference between  full and semi yapp covers or have been able to distinguish between goat and calf skin. It’s been a tremendous honor to be here in a time where so many are calling for more bindings from publishing houses to break outside of the bonded leather status quo that has encapsulated many a believers bookshelf.

The one problem that has risen from this education (as I humbly see it) is that the more we know, the more we demand. It’s human nature really. We get A, we want B. We get B, then suddenly C looks so darn appealing. To that end, it seems that no sooner than a publishing house or binding house releases a new edition that there are the select few that begin to find it’s faults and wish that it just wasn’t so.

Let’s face it, a producer of bibles cannot exactly stop on a dime when it come to halting a production run mid stream to insert 2 more ribbons or add 1/8 of an inch to its front and back covers.

Finally, however, there is an alternative on the horizon. An alternative that strives to compete with those big houses to produce a much smaller production run of high end bibles that are 100% custom and designed by the customer and for the customer.

Paul Presten of is now offering all of the popular text blocks in his own custom top quality bindings. Bindings that can be hand selected by the customer just as you would build your own teddy bear at your local Build A Bear.

You want 4 ribbons? He can do it. You want Goatskin in red? He can do it. You want a custom color no one else offers to match an existing edition you already own? Paul is your guy.

About 2 months ago now, Paul approached me via email asking me to help him gather ideas and thoughts for a burning desire of his to offer Allan’s quality bindings  in a more custom fashion. After about 150 emails (literally), the first edition of those discussions is this one. I’m calling it the Presten ESV Deluxe Compact and it is based on a Crossway Deluxe Compact in blue with silver gilding. I chose silver for this edition solely because it was different. I have yet to see a high end bible with a silver text block, so I though this would be a good time to see what one would look like.

Since none of the other producers of quality bindings currently offers a compact, I knew Paul would be the guy to do it. But to go one step further, I wanted it in full yapp goatskin. None of that sissy semi yapp, mind you. We’re talking full yapp cover-touches-cover kinda’ yapp here. I know of only a few full yapp bindings there are out there, but none in a compact form. And why not for Pete’s sake? The compact form is the perfect place to institute a full yapp because it is these little books that take the greatest beatings. They are thrown in bags, slipped into back pockets, and tossed into glove compartments. The full yapp protects the text block from accidental damage and water stains all the while forming a sort of casing to hold those beautiful pages.

Next I knew I wanted spine bands. Again, the big guys don’t do it. Crossway does, of course, but again, they do not offer a compact in a premium binding. So I asked Paul if he could do it. “No problem” was his reply.

Finally, I knew I wanted 3 red ribbons for following along with a reading plan. Again, not a problem for Paul.

I chose black goatskin because I’m a traditionalist of sorts. I like simple and I like tradition. Most colors will in some shape, form, or fashion grow old over the years and red on black is as classy and high end as you can get. The look never grows old. As I later found out, the goatskin Paul uses comes from the exact same region as Allan’s goatskin! Way cool!

So after a few months of going back and forth via email, this little edition is the end result and I must say, Allan’s better watch out because Paul means business. I say that tongue in cheek of course because Paul is a one man band offering his years of experience to produce a limited amount of custom high end bibles to those of us who are picky about our bibles and who want more than what the current offerings can offer.

He assures me he can make just about anything you can think of.  How about a red PSR with full yapp? Maybe a SCR in tan or cordovan? Got a favorite edition you would like to have a companion for in the same color? Why not get it in another version with identical finish and color?

The possibilities are limitless.

Sure there are binders out there that can offer custom work. But you will not likely find one with such a burning passion for Gods word who will do what the others will not, such as full yapp covers (most binders shy away from them) and custom colors on unique text blocks. He can even take one of your existing favorites that has seen better days and rebind it in high end goatskin and make it better than when it was new. If you want an edition that isn’t cookie cutter and looks like the rest of the pack, maybe it’s time to consider a handmade edition crafted by a skilled artist.

In conclusion, if you want customization in your bibles and want to support a fellow believer with years of book binding experience, you really need to give Paul Presten a call or drop him an email. He will work with you to build that perfect edition you have floating around in your imagination…even if it takes 150 emails.

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My New Website!

For the faithful few of you who have stuck by my endeavours here at The Foolish Galatian, I have a big announcement to make!

As of this morning, I have launched a new website dedicated to the writings and life of Octavius Winslow!

I have quoted often here from his writings, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized how much I truly appreciate his writings. Sadly, little work has been done on Winslow as far as gathering his work and life into one place, so I have taken it upon myself to begin what I hope will be a constructive and helpful site to expose Christians to what a true gem he is.

I invite you to click on over and have a glance around and maybe even subscribe through your feed reader or email.

Thanks for stopping in!

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