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Interview With Paul Cline of

A few months ago I was able to ask Mark Bertrand of the Bible Design Blog a few questions regarding his opinions on the topic of bible design and binding. Now, this month I was able to interview Paul Cline … Continue reading

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Presten ESV Compact Deluxe

Thanks to places like the Bible Design Blog and, many of us have gained quite an education on the ins and outs of high end bible bindings. Never have so many been able to identify the difference between  full … Continue reading

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Three Books

There are three books which, if a man will read and study, he can dispense with most others. 1. The book of Providence—and this he reads to good purpose, when he sees written down line by line the providential dealings … Continue reading

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Somehow, this appears strangely familiar. I wonder if the woman thought her free will was being assaulted when he reached down to save her?

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How A Calvinist Should Relate to an Arminian

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New Page!

Check up above and you’ll se a new page…“Bible Hacks/Tips”

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You Are Free

Why so fearful, O’ one of Christ? Why so dejected and beaten down? Do you not know, timid soul, that your Master has released you from your cage? You go about all your day waiting for your loving Lord to … Continue reading

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