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Blog Recommendation For Fighting Legalism

If you have enjoyed my posts here concerning putting to death the black dog of legalism and trusting wholly on the Saviour’s gospel, please check out Terry Rayburn’s blog Grace For Life. I have benefited from his work greatly. You … Continue reading

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My New Website!

For the faithful few of you who have stuck by my endeavours here at The Foolish Galatian, I have a big announcement to make! As of this morning, I have launched a new website dedicated to the writings and life … Continue reading

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Thanks For Reading

I think as bloggers we tend to get discouraged quite a bit because we so easily convince ourselves that no one is actually reading our stuff. It’s been that way for me. I started the foolish galatian in hopes that … Continue reading

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75,000 And Beyond

I just noticed that my hit stats just passed the 75,000 mark. Why on earth any of you visit me here to listen to what I have to say is well beyond me, but for all who have subscribed and … Continue reading

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