Bible Hacks/Tips

It occurred to to me that over the years,  I have amassed quite a bit of posts and photographs concerning bible hacks and modifications that I have come up with.  Here is a collection of them all. Stay tuned here for future “hacks”!

Adding Ribbons To Your Bible

Want to add more ribbons to your bible? Here’s how to do it.

How To Build A Blank Bible

With the growing on-line popularity of the “Blank Bible”, I made one and took some photos in the process.

DIY Bible Rebind

I was bored one morning and decided to “rebind” one of my bibles.

Adding Pages For Notes

Sick of not having enough blank pages in your bible for notes? Add some yourself!

The Best Highlighter and Pen For A Bible

Need a highlighter and pen for your bible that will not bleed through? Here are my recommendations.

Determining If Your Bible Is Sewn Or Glued

Title pretty much says it all.

ESV Study Bible Triangle Hack

Get rid of that annoying triangle once and for all!

Some other sites containing modifications and hacks.

Marginal Gems

Margin notes found inside of a bible given as a gift to someone.

DIY Bible Box Sleeve

An interesting way of creating a sleeve to keep your bible in to prevent it from becoming damaged.

My Grandfathers Bible Covers

These two bibles are my prized possessions.

Caring For A New Bible

Rick Mansfield offers some pointers on caring for a newly purchased bible.


3 Responses to Bible Hacks/Tips

  1. Knight says:

    I just tried your method for adding ribbons on my ESV SCR. It worked great. Don’t know why I didn’t do this before. Thanks.

    I may try adding the note pages next and see how that works.

  2. Freedom says:

    Great tips! You can also by a set of ribbon markers on amazon or your local bible store that are attached to a piece of thin cardboard that you place in the binding. I always glue mine in. I get mine for 3.99 and it comes with 5 ribbons.

  3. Katie says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’m wanting to “rebind” my esv trutone with some deerskin I have laying around. Do you have some steps to your rebind that a person with no experience could follow to do so?

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