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Interview With The Founder & Editor Of Grace Gems!

I recently had the opportunity to do an email interview with the founder and editor of the very useful and profitable website Grace Gems. If you do any Googling whatsoever for quotes and books of the reformed faith, there is … Continue reading

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Blog Recommendation For Fighting Legalism

If you have enjoyed my posts here concerning putting to death the black dog of legalism and trusting wholly on the Saviour’s gospel, please check out Terry Rayburn’s blog Grace For Life. I have benefited from his work greatly. You … Continue reading

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The Drug of Self Pity

“Feeling sorry for yourself is one of the strongest, most addictive narcotics known to man. It feels so good to feel so bad. Self-pity arises so easily, seems so plausible, and proves so hard to shake off.” David Powlison HT: … Continue reading

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Interview With Nicholas Gray of R.L. Allan’s Bibles

Installment three of my bible interviews now moves onto Nicholas Gray of R.L. Allen’s Bibles of Glasgow, Scotland. Allan’s has been producing extremely high quality bible editions for almost 150 years now and are the industry leader in quality and excellence … Continue reading

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Interview With Paul Cline of

A few months ago I was able to ask Mark Bertrand of the Bible Design Blog a few questions regarding his opinions on the topic of bible design and binding. Now, this month I was able to interview Paul Cline … Continue reading

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Presten ESV Compact Deluxe

Thanks to places like the Bible Design Blog and, many of us have gained quite an education on the ins and outs of high end bible bindings. Never have so many been able to identify the difference between  full … Continue reading

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My New Website!

For the faithful few of you who have stuck by my endeavours here at The Foolish Galatian, I have a big announcement to make! As of this morning, I have launched a new website dedicated to the writings and life … Continue reading

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