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He Will Not Lose One. No Not One

Thus does the Lord lead His people. He leads them through the wilderness, up the steep ascent, and down into the low valley, through water and fire, cloud and storm, thorn-brake and desert, watching them with an eye that never … Continue reading

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The Root Of Obedience?

This devotional was delivered to my inbox this morning from Grace Gems. I love this ministry and all that they do, but when I got this this morning, I wanted to spit nails. The part that I take particular issue … Continue reading

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That Ol’ Black Dog

Instead of sitting here sick and feeling bad for my poor little self, I thought I might actually make myself useful and actually post something! What a novel idea. Like I said, I’m sick. Anyone who knows me knows that … Continue reading

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Voddie Baucham-Brokenness

This has become one of my favorite sermons of all time. I invite you to take an hour to watch it through. You’ll be glad you did…:)

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“How, then, can we behold the glory of Christ? We need, firstly, a spiritual understanding of his glory as revealed in Scripture. Secondly, we need to think much about him if we wish to enjoy him fully (1 Pet. 1:8). … Continue reading

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Breaking The Chains Of Being Entertained

John Piper had a great answer recently to a question given during his “Ask Pastor John” series. How can I break free from an addiction to entertainment? You can read the response and see the video here. Basically, the condensed … Continue reading

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I Will Never Leave You…

O sinner, why do you yet believe your Savior shall abandon you ? Why do you go about your day strangled by the thought He has grown tired of you and has left you alone? Why do you, poor fragile … Continue reading

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