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Seeking The Lost

I’d like to invite you to watch the following videos and ponder this….who is doing the “acting” in these videos? What of the free will of those being saved? The imagery in these videos when viewed in light of our … Continue reading

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Grace reigns.

Dwell here legalist: “Christ’s death to sin and His satisfaction of God’s justice opened the way for the reign of grace in our lives.” The reign of grace…grace reigns. In our lives, grace reigns. Not our sin, not our works….grace … Continue reading

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Forgiven we stand.

From the “put that in yer’ pipe and smoke it” department…Mark Altrogge at The Blazing Center had a wonderful post concerning how God sees His redeemed ones. Admittedly, it’s a tough pill to swallow for the reforming legalist, but it must … Continue reading

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The naval gazing legalist.

As a recovering legalist, if there is such a term for it, I tend to spend a lot of time naval gazing. Sort of, oh woe is me, I’m such a loser, blah blah blah kinda’ garbage. When we (legalists) … Continue reading

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All of Grace for the reforming legalist.

A few days ago I mentioned that Christianaudio is now offering for the month of October “All of Grace” for free. I wanted to sort of bump it up again and call it to the attention of any of you … Continue reading

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Is Man Totally Depraved? Umm….yep.

Read this and draw your own conclusion. It’s only by Gods restraining common grace that none of us are him. Without such grace, our fallen-ness would destroy us. Imagine the magnitude of the work done on the cross that was … Continue reading

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