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In You I Take Delight

(HT: Dawn Scaroni) I think too often I think we settle for the fact God just puts up His children. “Have you heard God’s blessing in your inmost being? Are the words “You are my beloved child, in whom I … Continue reading

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A Legalists Great Remedy…Do Nothing

Great post from David Mathis at the Desiring God blog. When questioned about how to be productive, he responds: I would actually say: realize that you don’t have to be productive. By this I mean: your significance does not come from … Continue reading

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The Legalists Clothing

Sin makes you do stupid stuff. When Adam and Eve first sinned in the garden, the first course of action they took was to cover themselves with the work of their own hands. Their eyes were opened…they could see their … Continue reading

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You Are Free

Why so fearful, O’ one of Christ? Why so dejected and beaten down? Do you not know, timid soul, that your Master has released you from your cage? You go about all your day waiting for your loving Lord to … Continue reading

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Forgiven we stand.

From the “put that in yer’ pipe and smoke it” department…Mark Altrogge at The Blazing Center had a wonderful post concerning how God sees His redeemed ones. Admittedly, it’s a tough pill to swallow for the reforming legalist, but it must … Continue reading

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Welcome to what I struggle violently against.

Peter Cockrell made my day. He posted a GREAT post on prayer and legalism. Man this hits close to home. This post is the very essence on why I even named this blog what I did. I have a chronic … Continue reading

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How will you do?

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