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Blog Recommendation For Fighting Legalism

If you have enjoyed my posts here concerning putting to death the black dog of legalism and trusting wholly on the Saviour’s gospel, please check out Terry Rayburn’s blog Grace For Life. I have benefited from his work greatly. You … Continue reading

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The Root Of Obedience?

This devotional was delivered to my inbox this morning from Grace Gems. I love this ministry and all that they do, but when I got this this morning, I wanted to spit nails. The part that I take particular issue … Continue reading

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A Legalists Great Remedy…Do Nothing

Great post from David Mathis at the Desiring God blog. When questioned about how to be productive, he responds: I would actually say: realize that you don’t have to be productive. By this I mean: your significance does not come from … Continue reading

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The Legalists Clothing

Sin makes you do stupid stuff. When Adam and Eve first sinned in the garden, the first course of action they took was to cover themselves with the work of their own hands. Their eyes were opened…they could see their … Continue reading

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That Ol’ Black Dog

Instead of sitting here sick and feeling bad for my poor little self, I thought I might actually make myself useful and actually post something! What a novel idea. Like I said, I’m sick. Anyone who knows me knows that … Continue reading

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Tithing As Law?

Teaching tithing as New Covenant law only shovels more condemnation on the sheep. Follow the linky. We are FREE in Christ! The law can only bring death, not life! Wanna’ keep the law? Fine. Then you must keep the rest. … Continue reading

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Essence Of Legalsim

” The essence of legalism is believing we are more committed to God than He is to us.” -@ihopkc

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