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The Drug of Self Pity

“Feeling sorry for yourself is one of the strongest, most addictive narcotics known to man. It feels so good to feel so bad. Self-pity arises so easily, seems so plausible, and proves so hard to shake off.” David Powlison HT: … Continue reading

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The Legalists Clothing

Sin makes you do stupid stuff. When Adam and Eve first sinned in the garden, the first course of action they took was to cover themselves with the work of their own hands. Their eyes were opened…they could see their … Continue reading

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That Ol’ Black Dog

Instead of sitting here sick and feeling bad for my poor little self, I thought I might actually make myself useful and actually post something! What a novel idea. Like I said, I’m sick. Anyone who knows me knows that … Continue reading

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What Comes Before The Fall?

HT: Tony Reinke

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To Repent

All right, sue me….I’ve been stealing a lot from other bloggers as of late… “Remember that the man who truly repents is never satisfied with his own repentance. We can no more repent perfectly than we can live perfectly. However … Continue reading

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“You say you have a relationship with Jesus Christ? What is your relationship with your sin?” -Paul Washer

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Ray Ortlund has a great post on gossip.

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