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A neat presentation on the reformed theology of T.U.L.I.P. 1) T-Total Depravity 2) U-Unconditional Election 3) L-Limited Atonement 4 )I-Irresistible Grace 5) P-Perseverance of the Saints Advertisements

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Sproul on Total Depravity

As I’ve noted before, this is the one doctrine that brought me into reformed theology and is the one doctrine I feel daily in my own soul. Part One Part Two Part Three

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The Essentials and When to Break Fellowship.

Grrrrrreat post over at pulpit pimps on what the “essentials” of the faith are and when to break fellowship with those who do not hold fast to all that we hold to. Read the entire post…it’s well worth it! It … Continue reading

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More On Depravity…Osteen and Washer Audio Clip.

Hmm….now which is biblical and which is made of straw? Audio presented by Way of the Master Radio. It was downloaded via my podcatcher, so I cannot find a direct link to where the audio is actually hosted, so I … Continue reading

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Reformation 101.

Ever wonder what the reformation was about? Check this out. Although it’s a video for the Reformation Study Bible, it gives a small look into the basics of the reformation…the paramount concern being the doctrine of justification.

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Vessels of Mercy

Ever get a hunk of scripture lodged in your noodle for some unexplainable reason? A bit of text that maybe you haven’t read for months if not years? Last night “vessels of mercy” from Romans 9:23 stuck amongst the cobwebs … Continue reading

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Justice…are you sure you want it?

Found this over at The misadventures of Captain Headknowledge…great little video by one of my favs, R.C. Sproul. See if this isn’t you….because I know it’s me!

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