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Gustav Dore Etchings

There’s a great complilation of all of Gustav Dore’s bible etchings here. Browse through…there’s some great stuff there.

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Just Thought I’d Throw This Out There.

Here are some pictures I recently took of a few bibles that used to belong to my grandmother and grandfather. My grandfather is an ol’ time leather carver and tooler and made these covers years ago. Thought they may be of … Continue reading

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Creative Gospel Presentation

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Sermon Jams…if you don’t know, now ya’ now.

I am unashamedly a huge fan of The Shepherds Scrapbook, and have become aware through them of 10:31 Sermon Jams. Sermon Jams is basically a selection of sermon excerpts from various preachers and teachers set to back ground music. These … Continue reading

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Follow up on Third Days “Blessed Assurance”

I noticed for some reason I have been getting a ton of hits on my Third Day sings “Blessed Assurance” post. If anyone is interested, the song can be found here on a compilation CD with other artists. The link … Continue reading

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John Michael Talbot

My wife first introduced me to John Michael Talbot a few years ago and have only recently begun to fully appreciate this mans gift. Just thought I’d pass him along to y’all if you may be so inclined.

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Jesus Painter.

Not sure if anyone else is aware of this artist, but he pops up on Christian TV and in churches from time to time. His name is Mike Lewis and he also goes by the name of “Jesus Painter”. As … Continue reading

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