My Decree

I was recently inspired by a friend’s blog post to draft a decree of sorts summarizing my life as a christian. I used most of his text, but threw in some of my own. Enjoy!

I am a pilgrim here and my name is Christian.

I belong to the fellowship of the One who is holy and just. I am a sinner saved by grace abundant. I am totally depraved in nature and was once bound to just damnation in hell. Yet, by His steadfast love and tender mercy, was spared and given a new name and destination. My past is dead and my curse is lifted. I am now a new creature, thirsting for Him who was once my sworn enemy.

By His bidding, I have become a part of the chosen and regenerated body that now lives in union with Him both here and in heaven above (Col. 3:3). I thread the narrow way; the way that leads to suffering and eternal life. This way is the way of the cross. This life is not my own (1 Cor. 6:20). I have been purchased from the marketplace of sin and death at a high price. The life I now live is Christ!

This place is not my home. This world is now dead to me and I to it. My desire is my Father’s desire. My vision is my Father’s vision. My food is my Father’s will. By Him who works in me, I will persevere to the end.

I have His Spirit who continually works within me, transforming my life for the glory of the One who sent Him. I am not ashamed of what He has begun in me or called me to be. Though the world may see me as foolish and mad, I know that my salvation will one day shame the wise of this age.

In my pilgrimage through this wilderness, I take with me three things of need. I have the compass of His Spirit within to guide me and comfort me along the way, I have the staff of His good gospel to steady my feet when the ground gives way and the wolf accuses and condemns me, and I carry the book of His testimony to light my path and give me hope until my journeys end.

My life has become that of constant paradox…always dying, yet always living; striving yet always resting; empty and always full; broken and yet always complete; sorrowful yet always rejoicing; having nothing yet possessing everything. (2 Cor. 6:9-10)

I bear His Name and His Mark on my forehead and no force in heaven or hell can tear me from His hand. I now walk with the One who saved me. I wear Him as my clothing, take Him as my food, and flee to Him for refuge from the world, my own corruptions, and Satan. And though my heart is ignorant, sinful, and stubborn, by His Spirit I am continually transformed and renewed from one degree of glory to the next until I will finally become that which He has determined me to be from before the foundations of space and time.

I tread the path of those saints who have come before me. I take encouragement from their testimony and lives and count myself most blessed to be numbered among them.

“All for His glory” has become my song.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

This is my decree.

About Matthew Blair

Sinner saved by grace.
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