Tithing As Law?

Teaching tithing as New Covenant law only shovels more condemnation on the sheep.

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We are FREE in Christ! The law can only bring death, not life!

Wanna’ keep the law? Fine. Then you must keep the rest. Good luck with that. I wish you the best…all the feast laws, all the ceremonial laws, all the cleanliness laws; every single one of’m.

When you finally realize you can’t, Christ will still be waiting with open arms.

…stupid sheep that we are.

And yes, I’m yelling….:D

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Sinner saved by grace.
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11 Responses to Tithing As Law?

  1. deldobuss says:

    Amen brother. One of the biggest turn-offs for us visiting a new church is a sermon on tithing.

  2. tithe says:

    Thank you for speaking out about the truth with tithing. I definitely feel your frustration about this issue. I wanna scream, yell, and shake people til they get it in their little head that tithing is the old covenant law.

    – Jared B

  3. Knight says:

    An honest question:

    How should we understand giving in the NT church?

    Is there anything wrong with giving 10% of your income? (assuming this is not viewed as a form of legalism…)

  4. dogbarber says:


    2Cor. 9:6-7

  5. Knight says:

    I knew you would say that… 🙂

    Would it be save to assume then that this post is against the form of “mandatory” tithing as taught in many churches?

    I agree that to do something like this as a way of attaining righteousness is something that Christians should flee far from.

  6. dogbarber says:


    We are called to freedom and His yoke is not heavy. Burdening down the flock with “do it or else” condemns….and we all know where that comes from.

    Actually, I think the NT “requirements” are more difficult. To give from a cheerful heart can be alot harder than writing a check.

  7. Knight says:

    Amen to that.

    Thanks for the discussion,

  8. Anonymous says:

    Really great post. I think tithing a good principle but this “tenth” business has turned into legalism. Giving should be regular and sacrificial but you are so right that Christ fulfilled the laws requirements on this and everything.

  9. Brett says:

    Uh, anonymous, I hate to break it to you, but the word “tithe” means tenth, which makes you sentence quite humorous.

    As for the rest of you who are anti-tithe, that’s cool. I assume since you are not under law but under grace, you give beyond 10%. After all, grace will always take you further than law!

    What saddens me is watching people use the old covenant / new covenant logic to rationalize their abysmal giving record.

    Oops! Maybe I’ve slipped into shoveling more condemnation on the sheep!

    Hate to rain on the parade, but I believe most American Christians could use a little more guilt and shame for their selfish and indulgent lifestyles.

    Jesus doesn’t ask for 10% of our money. He demands 100%.

  10. dogbarber says:

    He demands belief…nothing more.

  11. Jerry Brown says:

    You demand freedom from the “legalism” of tithing, eh? True, tithing should not be an issue if you zealously following Jesus’ repeated commands to take care of the poor, the elderly, the widow, the orphan. 10% shouldn’t be an issue if you willingly give 15%, 20%. The US is the richest nation on earth, and if all professing Christians gave a “tithe-like amount” (don’t want to call it a tithe!), abject poverty (defined as sub dollar a day) would pretty much be eliminated. Unfortunately, “freedom from legalism” usually means not having to do much of anything while putting down the payment on that shiny new car.

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