To Really See

This side of heaven, we must fight with every ounce of our minds ability to see the wondrous sweetness of our brother Christ.

Even with our regeneration, our inner corruptions cause our vision to become insistently muddied toward capturing Him in our minds for the full worth of His majesty.

The christian fight is the fight to keep our vision firmly planted on the center and cause of our hope.

O’, how this world so readily captures our affections and allegiances from our Lord.

Yet we continue still, day by day, from glory to glory, to lay hold of our Masters cloak and fight not to let go.

How worthy is He, yes, how worthy.

So deserving of every shred of our love and desires, yet, we find in us still this holy war.

This constant, wretched battle with the rotting corpse of our old man and nature.

We fight though.

By God, we fight.

We fight to see Him with these fallen eyes.

Fallen eyes which, seemingly, are utterly incapable of real sight.


About Matthew Blair

Sinner saved by grace.
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