You Are Free

Why so fearful, O’ one of Christ?

Why so dejected and beaten down?

Do you not know, timid soul, that your Master has released you from your cage?

You go about all your day waiting for your loving Lord to become hard and cruel to your tender conscience.

You are FREE!

The rusty doors of your cell have been swung wide, nay, they have been utterly destroyed!

Do not cower in the corner of your prison place which can no longer hold you…it no longer has power to bind you.

As a timid dog might refuse to come out of its cage when its master releases it, you but lie in there doubting your Kings good will toward you.

If you only knew of your Masters great love for you now.

A love which has burst your chains of depression and gloom, setting you entirely at liberty to now bathe in His glorious favor toward you.

Drink in now your Masters sweet love and tender mercies toward you know and live!

I say again, you are free.

Do not again enslave yourself to your former masters harsh burdens but mount up on eagle’s wings.

You are free.

About Matthew Blair

Sinner saved by grace.
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