I Will Never Leave You…

O sinner, why do you yet believe your Savior shall abandon you ? Why do you go about your day strangled by the thought He has grown tired of you and has left you alone?

Why do you, poor fragile one, so easily give up on your Kings love?

You are bathed in His blood. It is as if the blood running through Immanuel’s veins has been poured over your soul as if it were water unending. His blood is inseparable from you now. It has permeated into every dark corner and deep ravine of your weary soul.

Take heart. He shall not abandon His own. The blood which covers you is His own, and He can not, no, He must not leave you. You are purchased in the heavenly liquid which bears no worth imaginable by the mind of man. You have been bought from the market of darkness and place gently and sweetly into the place of all light.

You are there right now with Him, inseparable.

Loose not your grounding beloved.

You have been purchased at a price so dear to God.

He shall never loose you.

About Matthew Blair

Sinner saved by grace.
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