My Recent Trip To Princeton Cemetery.


On an overcast, dank Wednesday morning, I had the opportunity to visit the Princeton Cemetery to view the grave sites of a few heroes of the faith. Thanks to the inspiration of Tony Reinke and his past photos of this same cemetery, I finally got the motivation to go for myself. This cemetery is about a half hour drive north of my home and I’m wondering why I did not do this sooner.

The experience was humbling. It was probably the closest I’ll ever get to physically touching the history of these men and I came away thankful to God for lifting these men up to be beacons of truth in their time and examples for us now.

Below are some videos that I took while I was there to give some context to the actual cemetery layout and here is a link to the photos that I took. Of course they are no where as detailed and precise as Tony’s, but they were the best I could muster on a cold wet morning. 🙂

To also give honor to one of my favorite men, Jonathan Edwards, I placed my Cambridge wide margin ESV on top of his tomb and got some half way decent shots. I really wanted this shot to honor this man for all that he has given and contributed to the church.

I know he would have approved. 🙂

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