Advice On Shifting Gears?

I would love to hear from folks on what you do to shift into your devotional/ prayer “modes”.

Seems with how busy and cluttered our lives can get, often it is extremely difficult to filter out the noise of the day to focus then on the things of God.

What do you do?


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4 Responses to Advice On Shifting Gears?

  1. Matthew,

    I hear where you’re coming from. If I had any answers, I’d share them with you. Unfortunately, I suffer from self-inflicted business! If I examined myself, I would find that I’m much more like Martha than Mary. I suppose if I were doing things right, I wouldn’t have to ‘shift’ in prayer/devotional mode; my life would just be one of degrees of devotion. Jesus certainly exemplified that!

    I guess to answer your question, the number one thing to do would be to remove ALL other outside distractions. The solution to busy-ness is to slow down.


  2. dogbarber says:

    Thanks Carl.

    One thing that I find that helps is when I sit down to read or pray, I like to take a verse or two, perhaps a pslam, and read it over and over and simply park there for 5 or so minutes.

    By meditating on this, I find that the transfer from the earthly to the heavenly is much easier.


  3. Edmond says:


    I’ve to make a deliberate decision and effort to tear myself away from what I’m doing and settle down to read the bible and talk to God. Not easy for me as I’m a workaholic.

    It was harder for me in past as I used to set a target of 1 hour prayer time. But this target became a hindrance and chore.

    Nowadays, what I do is to tell myself to stop all that I’m doing and spend time with God, be it 10 mins or 15 mins. I usually end spending a much longer time with God. It helps that I’m reading the same chapter twice, once in the English bible and once in the Chinese bible. In the first read-through, my mind sometimes wander. But by the second read-through, I find myself more focused and better able to hear what God is saying through the chapter.

  4. Boaly says:

    My biggest thing is to switch all technology off; phone, PC, TV, everything or that’ll distract me.
    I find my mind wandering enough. It is definately alot of effort to shif gears & your question is one that i think we could all do with some help on

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