Note Page Hack For Your Bible.


One of the things that’s always bugged me about publishers is that most refuse to supply their bibles with any blank pages for notes. I mean, we’re supposed to interact with God’s word, right? So give me some space, will ya!

With some inspiration in my sails and a good prod in the rear end, I made my own.

Taking my cue from the new wide margin ESV from Cambridge, I decided to hook up my lil’ Cambridge Pitt and Minion with its own ruled pages.

One can easily stuff in some blank sheets, but I really liked the color that Cambridge uses in the wide margin, so after some searching I found a site that can generate just about any configuration one can imaging in pdf format. You can adjust line spacing, line weight, and even color.

I chose to go with 6 lines every inch and a weight of .05 in light blue. It sort of looks like traditional loose leaf paper. I chose this set up because there is just enough line to act as a guide, yet it’s not so overwhelming that I can’t break free from those lines and write bigger or smaller if I want.

If you don’t wanna print out your own, you can just as easily hack up a spiral notebook or just purchase your own looseleaf refill paper for under a buck.

I find that 5 sheets is about the limit, depending on what weight paper you use. Any more than that and you wind up with a pretty big lump in your book.

If you wanna make your own and have some questions, you can always find me at my contact page.

Happy hackin’!

Oh, and before I forget, for you bible geeks like me who noticed that my Cambridge has two ribbons instead of one, you can check out my bible ribbon hack as well.

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One Response to Note Page Hack For Your Bible.

  1. Hey there.. The NRSV Bible is a truly great translation. It has scriptural relevance as well as being USER FRIENDLY in modern English.

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