What Twitter Has Taught Me About Prayer And My Own Soul.

The funny thing about Twitter is that it trains your brain to search for seemingly mundane things to say during the course of ordinary days. It’s really odd. When one does find something to say, you struggle to sum it all up into 140 characters. Bizarre.

It’s also taught me how little my thankfulness and dependence on God is.

I’ve learned from Twitter that I need to be “tweeting” God. Not with a cell phone of course, but with my heart and soul. Taking the seemingly mundane things that come into my life and sending “tweets” of prayer to God. This kind of prayer we sometimes call “ejaculatory” prayer or we sometimes refer to them as “prayer arrows” to God.

Twitter has forced me realize how little of this there is in my own walk. How little I thank God during the course of a day or how little I ask Him for strength or wisdom in any given moment of trial or indecision. So now, I’m purposefully seeking out Twitter like mundane-ness to offer up to God in prayer all day.

Twitter has taught me that I need to retrain my brain to look to God in the obvious and not so obvious. To thank Him for a beautiful morning or a glass of orange juice. To ask Him for strength when a day of grooming (I’m a dog groomer) gets long. To say “You are God” when money gets tight or “Thank You” when he sends difficult people into my life to further my sanctification.

To verbally give Him a moment of my time, several times a day to look to Him in dependence, thankfulness, and desire is what I need for my soul.

It’s what we all need.

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About Matthew Blair

Sinner saved by grace.
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3 Responses to What Twitter Has Taught Me About Prayer And My Own Soul.

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  2. Edmond says:

    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for the post. It is a useful reminder that we should walk closely with God in our daily living.

    I too seldom ask Him for wisdom when I encounter difficulties at work. I’m trying to change that, although it is not always possible as sometimes the decisions need to be made on the spot.

    Our talent and ability is given by God. By exercising the God-given ability to the best we can in our work, we are relying on God even if we don’t explicilty pray during those moments. I’m thankful for the ability that God has given me and hope that pride does not build up to blind me and let me think that whatever I’ve achieved is all due to my own ability.

    Deut 8:17-18
    “You may say to yourself , ‘My power and my own ability have gained this wealth for me,’ but remember that the Lord your God gives you the power to gain wealth, in order to confirm the convenant He swore to your fathers, as it is today.”

  3. Boaly says:

    Great lesson here! Thanks! Very very true

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