What Do You Write In Your Bibles?

What do you write in the front and backs of your Bibles? There is limited real estate set aside for this and I was wondering how you all maximize this space.

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2 Responses to What Do You Write In Your Bibles?

  1. petermlopez says:

    I don’t really write very much. Our church had a discipleship training session a while back in two parts: (1) how to lead someone to Christ – with scripture references for the plan or roadmap of salvation, and (2) how to lead someone in the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I jotted those in the back of my Bible for just such an occasion, but that’s all I have in the front/back.

  2. kbglenn says:

    I have typed out handy notes in small font and taped them onto the blank pages in the front and back. Here is some of what I have: the 5 solas defined, the order of salvation defined, the Romans road path, the words to the song “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us”, the appendix to Ryken’s book on Bible translations, two lengthy quotes from Spurgeon on salvation and Calvinism, the outline from the first sermon I preached, Piper’s defense of God’s glory, Jerry Bridges and G.S. Bishop’s definition of grace, and verses that define propitiation and justification.

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