What Do Your Devotions Look Like?

…and no, I don’t mean devotionals, i.e. a Max Lucado book.


1) Get coffee.

2) I.O.U.S. prayer.

3a) Read two chapters of scripture using Carson’s altered Mc’Cheyne reading schedule.

3b) Read corresponding page in Carson’s  “For the Love Of God.”

4) Close Bible. Allow all that was read to hopefully sink into soul and prime  pump for prayer. (I struggle here.)

5) Read one chapter from Valley of Vision followed by a Psalm.

6) Pray to the Almighty Maker of heaven and earth (a.k.a. Father). (I struggle here too.)

7) Stand up, leave study, give wife kiss, go to work. Transform the world. Well, not yet at least.


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Sinner saved by grace.
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4 Responses to What Do Your Devotions Look Like?

  1. ScottChicago says:

    The Daily Office in The Book of Common Prayer 1979 (Episcopal Church). Includes daily plan of psalms, canticles, and Bible readings, and prayers. Morning and Evening Prayer; sometimes noon prayer and Compline (bedtime prayer).

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  3. Tyler says:

    Funny that you’d ask… Daily devotions is an area of opportunity for me lately. I’m great at digging in and spending hours studying, but when it comes to a consistent (brief) devotion routine I’m woefully lacking. I try using Table Talk (Sproul) and other daily devotional type material but I seem to always dive into study and neglect reflection and prayer. I think I may try to incorporate Piper’s I.O.U.S approach. Thanks for the post.

    – Tyler

  4. Edmond says:

    1) Read 1 chapter of chapter using the Quiet Daily Walk Devotionals. While reading, I’ll also listen to the audio version of the chapter on my ipod.

    2) I’ll read the chapter twice, once in the English translation and once in the Chinese translation.

    3) Close the bible and try to think of the main learning points of the chapter.

    4) Pray. Start by thanking God. Reflect on sins as prompted by the Holy Spirit and ask for forgivenss. Pray for family, friends, the yet-to-be-saved and self.

    The Quiet Daily Walk devotional is helpful in that it guides you in the things to pray. It also list down scriptures that you can use as your prayer.

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