Grace reigns.

Dwell here legalist:

“Christ’s death to sin and His satisfaction of God’s justice opened the way for the reign of grace in our lives.”

The reign of grace…grace reigns. In our lives, grace reigns. Not our sin, not our works….grace reigns.


Thanks Of First Importance

About Matthew Blair

Sinner saved by grace.
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3 Responses to Grace reigns.

  1. Matty says:

    amen. God is good. As I read this short, simple post tears welled up in my eyes. Tears of joy, to be sure.


  2. Raul S says:

    It seems to me that you have a chip on your shoulders named “Legalist or Legalism”.

    So you have been set free from “legalism”… good for you!
    But how do you expect to show the way to other so called “legalist” when every other statement you make is an attack on them.

    Not to mention, what is legalism to you may not be to others.
    A quote from Titus: To the pure all things are pure.
    Or in another verse it says, to one man every day is different, (Sabbath days, Holidays ect.) while to another man every day is the same.
    And yet in another place it says not to let any man be your judge by deluting you because of what you eat or drink or touch or ect, ect.

    I too was bound by legalism at one point so I can understand what you are saying, but think back for a minute, before you saw the light, how did you respond to the so called set free crowed?

    Just a thought, no harm intended.

  3. dogbarber says:

    Hello Raul.

    For clarification, I have not arrived from my legalism. I know it will be a life battle for me and have determined to fight it tooth and nail.

    As a legalist, I know one thing I need is stern direction to the Saviors cross. We are a self deprecating lot who simply want to do nothing else but to sit in our chairs and beat the snot out of ourselves because we’re such losers.

    Legalism is what we bring to the cross, plain and simple. We need to understand that our world is upside down and that the desire to bring our pitiful little offerings to Christ’s atoning work is all for naught.

    Grace grace grace is the medicine the legalist needs, and he needs it quickly in and great amounts.

    No harm done my friend.

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