Nothing in my hands I bring…

One of my 4 year olds favorite cartoons is Max and Ruby…she loves it. One of these two bunny characters, Ruby, is a “Bunny Scout” and is always working towards earning merit badges. Every cartoon it seems poor Ruby is striving again and again to earn some patch that she can stitch on her arm to showcase her talents and what she has accomplished.

It got me thinking that so often, I tend to view my Christian walk this way. After all, I am a recovering legalist. I tend to always strive towards those pathetic goals I have in my head that will satisfy some strange requirement I think God has for me. “Look God! Look what I did!” Ugh…how absolutely pathetic and profane before His glorious grace I am.

As MacArthur once said, “I stand in an alien righteousness.” My merit is of no account before my God…only the merit of His son that I stand in. It covers me and envelopes me. It is my all. My grasping ledge and my anchor. I plead nothing of my own merit. Just His blood.

Oh how precious that blood indeed.

About Matthew Blair

Sinner saved by grace.
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1 Response to Nothing in my hands I bring…

  1. Flüge says:

    Hi Matthew,

    it is really amazing that it is possible to compare everybody to a character in a cartoon. We strive for so much in our life and we don’t really know for what. We should think about the most important things that happen in our lifes. We shouldn’t think in our afterlifes; instead of that we should think about our actions during our life!

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