C.C. Deville of “Poison” and the prophet Jonah.

First, check out this video of a backstage interview with C.C. Deville of “Poison” and a pastor who was asked to come and answer questions he had.

Second, do a gut check.

How did that make you feel? A bit like Jonah pehaps?

Or maybe you blessed God for being so merciful to such a one as he?

Remember Christian, you’re a wretch just as much as the next man….probably worst than you even know. If the Sovereign chose in his good and gracious will to save you, why can He not save C.C.?

Careful…lest we be like Jonah.

And as an aside, I have to admit I was very excited to see this. It kind of reminded me of myself after my own conversion (bless God). I cussed like it was going out of style. Coincidentally, it was one of the very first sins my Lord delivered me from. I’ve slipped a few times in these past 7 years (to my own shame and utter disgust), but the overwhelming drive to do so has been removed.

Also, when he asked the pastor towards the end of that video if he could ask him some questions, he was looking him dead in the eye with an expression of desire to learn. It was almost a look of desperation and earnestness.


Like I said, he saved you, right?


About Matthew Blair

Sinner saved by grace.
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