The Best Highlighter for Your Bible.

I’m a bit of a highlighter connoisseur. Perhaps more of a junkie. I love to highlight. It’s a bit of a problem really. If there were a “Highlighters Anonymous”, I’d be a card carrying member…if not the president. I use highlighting sort of as a journaling technique. As I read, I highlight the text of my Bible that “grabs” me…the verses that jump off the page and either convict me or edifiy me.

Since I began my highlighting expedition years ago, I’ve tried every single highlighter available. Cheap ones, expensive ones, wet ones, dry ones….you name the brand, I’ve tried it. What I have found is that they all have significant bleed through to the page beneath. No matter the brand or technique I use, they all bleed. I’ve ruined my fair share of bibles that way.

Then one day, in our church bookstore, I found a little rack in the corner with some dusty packs of pens and chincy “bible starter kits”. On that rack I found a few Zebra “Zebrite” highlighters…dusty as they were. At $1.99 a pop, I snatched them both up and took them home to get my highlighting fix for the night. Boy was I surprised. These highlighters were PERFECT…or as close to it as possible. I had no bleed through when I used them. The only way I could get them to bleed was if I held the tip in one place on the page for too long a period of time.

I thought I would pass along to my fellow highlightaholics my findings. I’ve posted some pictures to give you an idea of what these little highlighters can do. Sadly, the Zebrite has been discontinued by Zebra, though they are still available on the net. They’re tough to find, but they are out there. Here is one source if you might be so inclined to try them. The good news though is that Zebra has created a new highlighter with the exact same capabilities and pigments as the Zebrite and they are still in production and are readily available. This highlighter is called the LiteRite and is a ballpoint pen/highlighter combo. The pen is decent, but frankly, I never use it. It takes about 3 highlighters to highlight the New Testament (not every single word, just the stuff mentioned above).

It’s also worth mentioning that the Zebrite comes in different colors. I’ve seen them in blue, red, and green, but there may be other colors. Just google “Zebrite” and you’ll find them out there. They go for about $1.50 on the net, while the LiteRite fetches about $2.00, but with enough searching, you may do better.

Lastly, Looking back at my first bible that I used these highlighters in I can notice no deterioration in the brightness level. After 6 years, they are as bright as they were when I first got them.

I hope this was helpful to you. For some additional information on the best pen to use on your bibles pages, check out a wonderful post by Jesus Saenz which details his findings.


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46 Responses to The Best Highlighter for Your Bible.

  1. Rod Summers says:

    I started using Zebra’s about 13 years ago. Similarly was looking for a non-bleed through and got it in a Office depot at the time. Eventually, the religious bookstors picked up on them. They seem to be not as prevalent. Have you noticed a decline in retailers?

  2. dogbarber says:

    I think it is worth mentioning that in most office supply stores you can pick up Zebra “Zazzle” highlighters….don’t get’m!!!! They are gel based and bleed through the pages.

  3. I’ve been using Staedtler “Textsurfer” classics for many, many years and have never had a problem with bleed through. They can tend to bleed when brand new, but if stored with the tip upright it’s not a problem, and within a couple of weeks of use they aren’t a problem no matter how you store them.

  4. Reid says:

    I had some Zebra Zaxxle ‘brights’ labled ‘light’ orange,’light’ yellow etc … .. that didn’t bleed through … but I haven’t been able to find them for some time now …

  5. Billy Marsh says:

    I love Zebrite’s. I didn’t know that they were discontinued though. I just bought a new one this weekend at LifeWay. They have worked the best, almost “perfect” like you said, out of everything that I’ve tested. I use the other colors too and almost have developed my own version of the Rainbow Bible. That was never my intention though. Thanks for the links and the heads up on highlighters.

  6. Kevin Sam says:

    I do a lot of highlighting but don’t know why I haven’t switched from using colored pencils but I will definitely get myself bible hilighter pens like the Zebrite. Thanks for the tip.

  7. FYI — and I emailed the ESV webmaster concerning this — you are in luck.

    They are NOT discontinued. I just bought a brand-new pack at Staples.

    They are now marketed by Zebra as:

    I hope this helps, though I’ve only been able to find the yellow ones. Family Christian Stores still carries the multi-pack.

  8. In my opinion the Zebra Zebrite is the absolute best hiliter when it comes to non-bleed products for your Bible.

    It has become increasingly more difficult to find them however – BUT the good news is that I found a place where you can order them online individually or in boxes of 12 at

    THe website address is:

    Hope this helps everyone.

  9. Robert says:

    I too use these highlighters.. They’re pretty good… but they’re discontinued? thats not cool.. I’ll have to buy them up. I really like the purple one, but I like all 5 colors. they’re awesome!~!!!!!!

  10. Loerne says:

    But what is everyone’s favorite METHOD of highlighting their Bibles?

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  12. Kevin Grady says:

    I have found something that I started to use that you guys will laugh out. But Crayola has made what they call Twistables and they come in regular crayon size (I use those to mark books) and the Twistable Colored Pencils. They are very fine, they twist up and leave a great highlight that does not bleed, nor leave color on the paper facing it and it is not like a crayon at all.
    Check them out as they are very cheap and at Walmart. I know it sounds silly, but I have been doing it this way for over a year and not a problem with them.

  13. Erik says:

    As a fellow highlightaholic, I appreciate this post. Thanks for the fresh insight!

  14. Naxus says:

    This might be the best highlighter for bibles; I am using the yellow multliner . It uses pigment ink just lie the archival pens.

  15. Tom Campbell says:

    Thank you Matthew Blair for your helpful post. I too have found the Zebra Zebrite to be the best tool to highlight my Bible with no bleedthrough. I use them only for Bible highlighting and use other, more common and ordinary highlighters for other books and materials. I have come to associate the Zebrite highlighters with Bible study and rely on them to be there when needed sort of like having my commentaries, Bible dictionaries etc. available when I need them. Thanks too to all the other helpful posts on this quality highlighter especially to the person posting a link to a retailer that still has them in stock!

  16. jodi says:

    I just stumbled up on your website with the lure of a ESV blank bible, but alas, I am too late.
    However, let me add my “yippee!” for Crayola Twistables. I too have discovered how absolutely perfect and wonderful these are for highlighter junkies like ourselves. Not only do you get a wide variety of color, but they don’t bleed and don’t smear like regular crayons. no matter what you do.
    They are Great, Great, Great!and Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!

  17. I also vote for “Twistables”
    But my favorite is to use a mechanicle drafting pencil (the kind with a thick lead, sometimes called a lead-holder) and fill it with a blue photo-markup lead from an art-supply house.
    Very readable, no bleed-through at all, no “Neon-Blaze” that shouts so loudly that I can’t read anything BUT my notes, and perfectly retractable.

  18. bryan says:

    Actually, I prefer a pen/highlighter combo, and the LiteRite DE is decent. However, it’s previous incarnation, the just-plain LiteRite was much more ergonomic and had a better ball-point. Alas, the demon of discontinuity got it as well.

  19. Boaly says:

    Seeing that you are a highlighter junkie, i’d love to get your take on a question i asked on my blog today about methods, systems & patterns of highlighting or underlining our Bibles.

  20. Franklin says:

    Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

    Thanks a MILLION and many, many blessings to you. This is the best information I have found on the web about hightlighters and pens to use with my Bible…Simply wonderful!

    Also, to Boaly and everyone interested, the following site will give an idea about how to mark your Bible:

    “How to Mark Your Bible for EFFECTIVE Bible Study!”

    May the Lord Jesus Christ richly bless you!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Would anyone know where to get an Orange Highlighter that doesn’t bleed? I guess I fall into the highlighter extremist. The problem I have is years ago I purchased some highlighters at benders. They work great, no name on them and now I can’t find anything like them and esp. an ORANGE. This could be a problem for MY RAINBOW Bible. The ones I like have a medium angles tip on one end and the other had an angled eraser tip on the other. I can’t find them anywhere on the net. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


  22. STR says:

    Would anyone know where to get an Orange Highlighter that doesn’t bleed? I guess I fall into the highlighter extremist. The problem I have is years ago I purchased some highlighters at benders. They work great, no name on them and now I can’t find anything like them and esp. an ORANGE. This could be a problem for MY RAINBOW Bible. The ones I like have a medium angles tip on one end and the other had an angled eraser tip on the other. I can’t find them anywhere on the net. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


  23. Collin says:

    Thank you!! This helps me out a lot!

  24. Yvonne says:

    I would like to know which is a good pen for writing NOTES in my Bible. I have the thick pencil-crayon type markers for highlighting which I am happy with. I live in Brazil, but will try to see if someone can send me some Zebrites or Twistables to try, but I would like to know where I can obtain a good non-bleedthrough PEN for writing NOTES. I studied through the book of Matthew and it is almost illegible in places, because the ink in the pen I used gradually, with time, seeped through more and more.

  25. Hollin says:

    Thank you for the highlighter info..I love highlighting rather than underlining because it jumps out at me more.

    Yvonne, regarding PENS…pigma micron pens are the best.
    There are a few different makers and according to a friend who has tried many different brands, SAKURA is the best. They are archival pens that don’t bleed or fade. I believe there are 8 different colors. They come in different tip sizes. 005 is the smallest and is best for writing notes. 01 and 03 can be used for underlining. 05 and larger isn’t really good for bibles because it gets so big by that point that they leave indentations through the paper. You can google sakura pigma micron pens and find lots of places to buy them. They are a little spending, running about $2.80 ea not including shipping. Hope that helps.

  26. Doug says:

    Fellow Highlighters and Underliners!!!!! ATTENTION!
    Please go to for all your highlighting and underlining needs. We are the leading distributor for Book and Bible Accessories. You’ll see the ZeBrites are NOT dead. Never have been. They are part of a Bible Marking Kit (yellow, blue, green, pink, and a fine point black millipen) which also includes a bookmark/ruler with the Books of the Bible imprinted on it. #72950. All the major Christian Bookstores carry this product. Lifeway, Family Christian, and Berean to name a few. Those stores will also carry #26074 which is a DRY highlighter called Bible Dry (formerly Accent Dry) from Sanford. GTL only carries products that DON’T BLEED through Bible paper. This is how we built our reputation. We also supply Pigma Micron underliners and note pens to retailers as well. They are quickly rising to the top as a premium underliner within the industry. If your local Christian Bookstore does not carry these products, bring it to their attention immediately. Hope the information helps. God Bless to all.

  27. Great insight on bible marking and bible highlighters. You had me cracking up about the “Highlighters Anonymous”. I like the fact you are interested in Righteousness by faith. To me it is the best topic of study and the sole purpose of our worship to Jesus who truly paid it all. Thanks for the bible highlighters right up

  28. Great post… I have never heard of Zebrite. I have heard of pentel as a bible marking pencil and the pilot frixion which is an erasable pen for bible marking. But nice post.

  29. Pam Hunter says:

    I appreciate everyone’s advice on the best highlighters. I intend to track down some of the Zebrite’s but am curious about the Crayola Twistables as well……I take it they come in pencil, crayon and highligter forms……which type is everyone talking about? The colored pencil form? Crayon form? Just don’t want to waste my money buying the wrong type and risk messing up my new bible. Thank you everyone for your input. I research everything before buying……..God bless you all.

  30. Just got back from the International Christian Retail Show in St. Louis. We had a very successful show and hope this is an indication that the economy is starting to acquire some life again. We introduced a new concept in Bible marking with the Erase•A•Mark Bible Marking Set. It isn’t really a highlighter or underliner. It’s intended to circle targeted scripture/verse or asterisk paragraphs for reference or make rough notes in the margin… and IT’S ERASABLE. It’s a unique Chalk specially made for this type of marking. Leave on as long as you like, then wipe off with the Ultra-Erase™ Cloth. Will not bleed through or harm delicate Bible paper. Truly remarkable. It was our “WOW” product of the show. Here is the direct link for more information.

    If your local bookstore isn’t carrying these, make sure you bring it to their attention and have them order it ASAP.

    As far as the Pilot frixion… I was anxious to acquire samples and try them but the underliner is average and I would highly stay away from the highlighter version. It really requires a large amount of “friction” (erasing) to eliminate the ink. This may be an issue for the elderly that highlight. After doing so, it leaves a noticeably odd feel to your page. Almost like removing the sheen or smoothness of the paper… AND some of the ink reappears at a later time. I think I’ll just reach for my Erase•A•Mark Set.

    God Bless All.

  31. Bill Street says:

    I never dreamed a site like this existed!

    For years I have used the Avery Glidestik highlighters and have loved them. They literally glide across the page and don’t bleed through. However, alas, it seems they are unavailable. At least I haven’t been able to find them on the net. I bought a new type of highlighter yesterday, but was disappointed. It was the Zebrite GTL Bible Dry Highlighter. It was much “drier” than my Glidestik and didn’t cover as much of the line. If anyone knows where to pick up the remaining Glidestiks before they become extinct, or if you have any connections with Avery and can get them to continue to make them, or want to get the patent … I’ll be checking here.

    God Bless

  32. Bill, just need to set the record straight here. Seems as though you’re combining 2 of GTL’s products into 1. The ZeBrite product is a “wet” double-ended highlighter/underliner that will NOT bleed through. The other product, Bible Dry is the “dry” product. The latter I believe is what you used. It is more of a crayon type formula. It’s unfortunate you didn’t approve of the results but we encourage you to try the ZeBrite wet option. We encourage potential customers to try the wet since many are reluctant thinking it will bleed through their Bible paper… we guarantee it will NOT. Here are the 2 links to our website. The 02648 Bible Dry and the 72717 ZeBrite. Both come in 4 bold highlighting colors, Blue, Pink, Green and Yellow. Both come in Bible Marking Kits and Impulse Counter Displays to buy open stock or singles.

    FYI. We may soon be carrying a product similar to the glidestick at the beginning of the new year. Stay tuned for updates.

  33. picturepurrfekt says:

    I have to thank you for this post. I purchased the Zebra Eco Zebrite highlighters off Aamazon after reading this post and they work perfectly for highlighting my new Bible. They do not bleed through at all. Amazing! God bless you! You have saved me from ruining my new Bible and I am eternally grateful for that!

    Here is a link if anyone is interested in purchasing them:

  34. jsolo says:

    Take a look at the Highlighted New Testament Bible at Would love to have your opinion on the results.

  35. Ken says:

    What is the Bible that is used in
    ??? I am looking for a new Bible and that one looks great!
    Thanks, Ken

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  37. Well, IT’S HERE!!!!!! The Newest DRY Bible highlighting option! the GTL Bible-Hi-Gliders. Five Gel Stick highlighters that GLIDE across the page. Silky smooth and they come in 5 Colors. (Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, and Yellow. Ask your local Christian Bookstore if they carry them. If not, demand that they get them from us. This is a revolutionary NEW technology. You may never go back to the Bible Dry/Accent Dry.

  38. Marie says:

    Thanks, Doug, for the Erase-a-Mark recommendation. I’ve been using it on my Bible for Bible study, and it works great! I don’t like to mark my Bible permanently, so this product is perfect. It erases, totally!

  39. Bible Hi-Gliders can’t stay on the shelves! This is one HOT highlighter. Our retailers are reordering this product at an alarming rate. More info at:

  40. Ok Highlighter Junkies, we have a NEW Addition to our GT Luscombe Highlighter family. The Bible-Hi-Gliders have been so hot, we’ve added a Study Kit. A 6-piece kit that NOW INCLUDES VIOLET!!!!!! Yes Violet. If you haven’t seen or used this “dry option” then you must. Unlike other dry options that are a bit rough on the application, these literally GLIDE across the page. Silky Smooth! You won’t believe it. No bleed and dries instantly. Its new gel stick technology is the secret. Go to for more information. If you’re a retailer, then stock them, if you’re a consumer, then buy them! You won’t use anything else.

  41. For all of you who love GT Luscombe’s products and love to shop online, go to They carry most of our product. However the above mentioned Hi-Glider Study Kit will not be available to ship until Feb 1, 2012. Our original Bible-Hi-Gliders (minus Violet) are available now in singles of Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, and Yellow. OR in 2-packs of Yel/Yel, Yel/Blue, Yel/Green, Yel/Pink, and Yel/Orange. Buy the 2-pack and give one to a friend!!!!!!

  42. Anonymous says:

    I have been using the Writer’s Bible. It has heavy paper and neither pen or highlighter shows through at all. They also have full size writing pages and so I can use my regular handwriting (and not smaller in the margins.) Extra journaling pages in the back too.

  43. Rebecca Grey says:

    Thank you so much for your advice. I went to and picked up some Zebrite Highlighters – I’ve never been happier. I would recommend them anyday.

  44. a r c says:

    the best dry highlighter that i have found is no longer available is the stabilo Boss dry . i have a few left and wouldn’t take anything for them. i have compared them to other highlighters and they are the most colorful and brightest. the others compared to them just seem like regular colored pencils.

  45. a r c says:

    by the way, i have a Zebra Zbright and it bleeds thru.. get some kind of florescent pencils. and then you won’t have to worry about bleed-thru. let me know if anyone finds a real bright and deep florescent pencil. I’m always on the look-out.

  46. a r c says:

    a good bible note pen that lasts forever and won’t fade and is permanent is the millennium zig and it comes in various sizes of lines from .005 to.8. try it. you can get them at hobby lobby.. also the marvy medallion drawing pen, and don’t know if they are still available. microns are decent but the tip flattens out over time. i know because i have over 30 yrs of notes, literally thousands of notes in my bible and some pens work and some don’t. same way with highlighters. get the dry pencils and then you won’t have problems with bleeding. but brightness of color is what i have problem with.

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