Win My Reformation Blank Study Bible!!!

Awhile ago I made a “blank bible”out of a Reformation Study Bible that I had. I made it with intentions of using it as a “daily reader”, but have found it a little awkward to use in my private devotionals. So I have decided to donate it to someone who could use it and would be blessed in having it.
What I have decided to do is hold an essay contest in which I invite anyone to write me a short essay (about 100-300 words, I’m not counting though) stating why you should be the one to own this set. I don’t want this to sit on a shelf and look impressive amongst a sea of other books. I want it to be used for your own personal growth and the edification of the saints.
The set is still brand spankin’ new. I have written no notes in it whatsoever. The only addition I have added is on the inside cover of each book is a legend of what books are in each volume.
If you would be interested in spreading the news about this contest, you are more than welcome to blog a post inviting others to participate.
Essay entries can be emailed to me at:
thefoolishgalatian [at] gmail [dot] com
The cut off date for all entries will be September 1, 2008.
Please include a mailing address and a return email address in your essay. The winner will be posted here on the blog and will be personally notified via email.
Here are the pictures of the making of the Reformation Blank Study Bible.
UPDATE: For some reason or another, I lost all the pictures in this set at Flickr, so I had to upload them again without the descriptions. As I have time, I will go in and add them in. Sorry for the inconvenience! 😦

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8 Responses to Win My Reformation Blank Study Bible!!!

  1. Doug says:

    This should be fun.

  2. dogbarber says:

    Don’t forget to enter youz guyz. You might just win….

  3. Daniel says:

    Wow,i have to write this essay soon.

  4. Douglas K. Adu-Boahen says:

    I really need to get it done…now my exams are over

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  7. diane says:

    Wow! thank you for offering this! I will definately be submitting an essay! How kind of you to donate this and for doing it so creatively! Ooooh! this is fun! 🙂

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