My Scripture Memorization Podcast

For any of my readers that are interested, I have recently begun a small podcast and blog dedicated to the memorization of Gods promises to enable us to fight for our joy and strengthen our faith.

Memorization is an offshoot of Christian meditation and is an essential ingredient in warding off Satan’s fiery darts and battling through depression. Here’s an expert from the “About” page:

This is a weekly podcast designed to help you memorize Gods word and promises to you, His child. Each week, a verse or verses are chosen from the Bible and offered in a podcast ready format to enable you to memorize scripture anywhere you can take your mp3 player. It is our goal to get His word into your mind and heart to strengthen you in your daily walk, bring depth to your faith, and give hope in days of barrenness. Please visit our “How To Use?” tab above to learn how to use this podcast to its fullest. Thank you for stopping by and we hope these podcasts will bless you greatly!

Max McLean of The Listeners Bible was gracious enough to grant me permission to use my Listeners Audio Bible files to make this podcast possible. While I currently am using my NIV version, I plan on obtaining the ESV version for future podcasts.

You can poke around the blog to learn more information and find out what it’s all about. The feed for the Podcast is in the sidebar to the right.




About Matthew Blair

Sinner saved by grace.
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One Response to My Scripture Memorization Podcast

  1. Audio Bible says:

    I like the NIV version. What’s the difference between NIV and ESV? Good luck with your “Good” project. May God bless your work!

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