Listening to my audio bible the other night, I had yet another one of those “see myself in Gods mirror” moments and it had to do with Barabbas as of all people.

Honestly, how many times have you read of when Pilate gave the Jews the choice between Barabbas and our Lord and not batted an eye? Dozens probably. You think, “My, look how depraved the Jews were to desire the release of a hoodlum rather than spare the Lord of Glory. I mean C’MON!!!”

Then came the “not so fast mister”.

How many times have I been asked to choose between the Lord who stepped out of Glory to die for my sin and some other foolish sinful thing? How many times have I had the choice before me of Bible or watch another TV show? Pray to the One who loves my soul, or spend the hour wasted in some completely trivial thing?

“Give me food! Give me what I desire! Give me TV! Give me time to myself! Give me fleshly fulfillment! GIVE ME BARABBAS!!!!!! Away with this Jesus! CRUCIFY CRUCIFY!”

How ’bout you?

About Matthew Blair

Sinner saved by grace.
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