Scripture Memorization

bible2.jpgStumbled across an excellent essay at Pulpit Pimps a few weeks ago in regards to scripture memorization.

Admittedly, scripture memorization hasn’t exactly been top on my priority list, but after hearing a Piper sermon a while back, I changed my mind. Piper went on to say in that sermon that of the many Alzheimer’s patients he has ministered to, the one thing they still remembered were the scriptures they memorized in Sunday school as children. Even after memory of all else has failed, they can still have Gods word on their minds into the latter years of life.

It wasn’t until Alzheimer’s hit so close to home (my grandmother Ida) that I realized how important memorization’s role should be now that I am still “young”.

The other added benefit of memorization is that it enables you to ward off the fiery darts of the evil one. When depression or introspection seems to take over, you can preach to yourself Gods promises you have locked away in your mind. Even with no bible handy, the recollection of what God has said to us can save us days if not weeks of grief and anguish.

For example, I have been memorizing scripture that deals with my weakest points in my Christian walk…joy and depression. I have taken to memorize scripture like Psalms 55:22 and 42:11 to keep me focused rightly and ward off the accuser of the brethren.

Give this method a shot if other methods have failed for you in the past. But you must be determined to stick with it! The methods utilized in this example are easy, straightforward, and are very successful.

Give it a shot!


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One Response to Scripture Memorization

  1. Scripture memory has had a profound impact on my life. I’d very much encourage you to make it a discipline. When I was younger, God strengthened me to commit most of the New Testament to memory. Now that I am older, it is much more difficult to add new passages to memory. But the old ones remain and God often uses them to correct, encourage, and guide my life as He promised to do.

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