Vessels of Mercy

logos.jpgEver get a hunk of scripture lodged in your noodle for some unexplainable reason? A bit of text that maybe you haven’t read for months if not years?

Last night “vessels of mercy” from Romans 9:23 stuck amongst the cobwebs in my head. Don’t know why, but I decided to meditate on it for a few hours. I’m sure He put it in there for a reason, so I had better examine it.

Hours later, 2 Corinthians 4:7 comes along and gets in the web with Romans 9 :23. “Alright”, I say. “What’s going on here?”

I whipped out my Palm TX and opened up Bible+ and did a search on the common theme between the two texts…vessels/jars. Searching the ISBE, I see that in Aramaic, vessel means “an implement or utensil” of any kind that is hollow or empty. Hmmmmm, I think. Maybe He’s trying to show me my hollow state as an empty vessel made of clay (clay is actually from the earth, and coincidental, man was made from dirt…hmmm).

But as I pondered it more, the force of “vessels of mercy” came home to me. That I am an empty, hollow jar of dirt made specifically for the purpose of God to pour into me a never ending torrent of mercy. Not only mercy in salvation, but mercy in the common mercies of every day life. Mercy for health, sustenance, driving, eating, sleeping and waking up again, breathing, so on and so forth. I was created for that very purpose. To be poured into by my Father. Hos love for me not for anything I do or merit, but because before the foundations of the world were even laid, I was chosen to be His own. Not to be a vessel of wrath, but a vessel of mercy and grace. Now THAT’S good medicine for a foolish galatian as myself!

I have a feeling I’m still missing a large portion of what He wants me to hear with this, but that is plenty to chew on and be thankful for for quite some time.

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Sinner saved by grace.
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