Lest we ever forget where He brought us from.


But for the grace of God go I.

That was me 7 years ago. Well, not that guy. But that was my heart. Here’s their website. And you mean to tell me that guys like this, and me, actually ever come to repentance and faith on their own accord? Pfft.…shya! As if.

My friend Bob Davis told me once, “Why do you think they hate Him so much? Do they hate Hitler like that? Of course not….Hitler’s dead and buried. It’s hard to hate a dead guy. They hate Him because He’s still alive!”

Do you remember yourself before he saved you? I do and frankly I’m ashamed and yet so thankful for his pity, grace, and sovereignty in my life. Glory be to God…not me.


About Matthew Blair

Sinner saved by grace.
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8 Responses to Lest we ever forget where He brought us from.

  1. mrfoo says:

    Simply amazing Great post brother. to see is a miracle, to love HIM is grace and mercy. to know lostness is Gods kindness to us . we were Blind NOW we see amazing GRACE. God bless you brother!tom fluharty

  2. mrfoo says:

    HEY God bless you brother, this post is amazing and alarming. to see God and be known by Him is pure grace. to love HIm is mercy, to know and remember lostness is kindness to us. we see How great He is because of how lost we were. God bless you ~tom fluharty

  3. dogbarber says:

    Wowzers! Thanks Mr. Fluharty. It is quite a privelage and honor to have your comments grace (hehe, get it? grace?) my little hole in blogdom. And I couldn’t agree more….seeing is the biggest miracle of all. That along with hearing to hear His voice.


  4. ozatheist says:

    Your friend Bob doesn’t have it quite right.
    For a start, hate is a very strong word and I won’t use it.

    Secondly a lot of people probably do still dislike Hitler, or at least what he did and what he stood for. There are still quite a few followers of Hitler – Nazis – but these people are kept in check as much as possible and derided by most right thinking people.

    The reason we don’t like Jesus is not because he is still alive (your view not mine; there’s no proof he was ever even alive in the first place, never alone came back to life) but because his teachings still have an influence on out community and often in a very negative way. See http://www.seesharppress.com/20reasons.html , or read pages 80 & 81 (first two pages of chapter 3) of The End of Faith by Sam Harris, for a start.

  5. dogbarber says:

    Hello ozatheist

    …so why dedicate your life disproving someone that never existed?

    Be honest with yourself…you hate Him and truth be told, you think I am a fool for loving Him.

    Your forgetting I was once you.

    And what exactly were His teachings that brought society to its knees?

  6. ozatheist says:

    [quote]…so why dedicate your life disproving someone that never existed? [/quote]

    I’d like to reduce the negative impact religion has on everyone’s day-to-day lives, such as:

    government decisions about stem cell research, abortion, etc being influenced by religious views.
    wasting tax payer’s money on tax concessions for religion, assisting religious schools, etc.
    stifling proper science
    starting wars and blowing innocent people up
    bringing about the end of the world because the thing that doesn’t exist told them to.

    I don’t hate ‘Him’ I just dislike the things done in ‘His’ name (see above)

    [quote]And what exactly were His teachings that brought society to its knees?[/quote]

    It’s not so much his teachings but what is done because of them in the name of religion. See above again, plus the inquisition, condemning millions to death by forbidding condom use, flying planes into towers, just to name a few.

    One can only imagine how far advanced society might be without the Inquisition and the ‘Index of Proscribed Books’?

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