“Don’t Waste Your Life”… a Christ centered mentality.

1844740986.jpgSeems I’m on a John Piper kick lately. I guess I can’t help being attracted to preaching that actually pushes me and challenges me rather than just feeding my flesh…go figure.

Don’t know if you are unaware, but Piper wrote a book a while ago entitled “Don’t Waste Your Life” which deals with using our blood bought, Spirit led lives for the ultimate joy and use in Christ and His body, i.e., the church.

I received a copy of that book from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association about a year ago as a free gift they were offering at the time. It truly is a must read. It really challenges the reader and calls into a sharp focus what it is EXACTLY we as believers are doing with what we have been given.

What I did not know, however, is that desiringGod camp has formed quite an outreach around this book and has been giving away TONS of them to places like college campuses and to the soldiers over seas. Apparently, such an enormous work has been done through its ministry that they have also decided to offer podcasts of 1 to 3 minute video presentations of what the core of the book deals with. I recently downloaded all of them and watched them on my Palm TX (that thing never ceases to amaze me) on my break at work. Great stuff!

You can find out all about this book at their dedicated website here as well as sign up for the video podcasts and even read the book in its entirety in .pdf format.


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One Response to “Don’t Waste Your Life”… a Christ centered mentality.

  1. My wife absolutely loves this book. We’re both big fans of John Piper. I have yet to read it, but I’ve heard great things about it.

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