Cool stuff…..

Found a bunch of excellent links that I wanted to pass along to the two people reading this here blog. There’s just so much edifying and uplifting stuff out there to be had that I want to get it in the hands of others. I don’t have the time to comment too much on these, but I at least wanted to share the before I forget.

Over at the Desiring God blog, they’ve got a coupla’ great articles. One is from Noel Piper (Johns wife) on one year reading plans and how she has always struggled with them. She provides some excellent tips on how to make those plans work in giving some real world advice. The other is a quick mention of a Reuters article on what a typical stay at home mom would make were she paid for her time. Very Interesting. A link to the full article is there as well.

Then, at Pulpit Magazine (the John MacArthur weblog) they’ve got a very interesting post on interracial marriage and wether it’s biblical or not. Speaking as a white man married to an african-american woman with two interracial children, I really appreciated the text references they provide to shed some light on a subject that many are so ignorant about.

The next three are videos.

This one is GREAT! If it doesn’t punch you in the gut then I don’t know what will. About a minute and a half.

The second captures in an illustrative way what it’s like when a believer sins. How we fall into it over and over again like a stupid idiot, but getting back up and press on…bumps and all. Around six and a half minutes.

The last one is a modern parable on how we are saved BY GRACE and NOT OF OURSELVES. Helps to remind me that I had nothing to do with my salvation. About 3 minutes.

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2 Responses to Cool stuff…..

  1. Wow. I really appreciate the link to the article on interracial marriages. I have been reading up on multiracial families and transracial adoptions for a new forum I will be heading on an online adoption magazine. I think I have more education and exposure to issues of race than most white Americans but some of the things I am reading really drive home for me the daunting task of preserving the spirit of a black or bi-racial child in a society that is still so strongly divided along “the color line”.

    Blessings to your family,


  2. dogbarber says:

    De Nada! 🙂

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