Emergent church? Just say NOOOOOOO!!!

If I had to sum up the emergent church, this would be it.

It’s post-modernisms “we can never really know” garbage smashed into a christian context. Drives me nuts!


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2 Responses to Emergent church? Just say NOOOOOOO!!!

  1. Havent watched the vid, but on the topic of the emergent church, it is pretty legit historically (dark ages to reinsannse movement), I just don’t see where it is always relevant today. In some contexts where people were slacking in terms of minisry sure, but why the emergent church, the title of the “movement” should be the relevant church.

    And even then I think it teeters too much on cultural Christianity (definied by culture then the Word, not by the Word aside from culture).

  2. dogbarber says:

    Watch the video…it sums up what they’re all about. Esentially, it’s a man centered gospel where we all gather in dark rooms lit by candles and hear conversations instead of sermons.

    It’s a very postmodern movement that fits perfectly into the mindset of todays world where there are no absolute truths. that no one can really know what the bible really means and that your truth might not be my truth.

    They have the language down pat along with some, but not all, of the doctrines the orthodox church has held for over 1900 years.

    They are a slippery group to get ahold of….they change like a chamelion. Some of what they hold borders on heresy while some is just really bad teaching…….

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