Who says miracles don’t happen?

dinosaur-bones.jpgI see now that some scientists are now admitting that they have been wrong about the structure of some dinosaur skeletons and are now working to rectify the problem.

The thing that struck me as so fascinating is that the scientific community had to actually admit they were wrong about something they were so completely convinced of just a week ago. Truly a tremendous accomplishment in today’s scientific community.

This got me to thinking about the evolutionary proponents and why I think they will NEVER do the same short of the enabling of the Holy Spirit.

Because to admit they were wrong, they would be admitting that they were created. To admit they were created, they would be admitting there is a God and that God may actually require something of them.

Evolution, since its birth, has been a hiding place for them to run a hide in order to justify their actions. They love their sin. They love their lives with no strings attached to some “grand puppeteer” in the sky. They covet their rebellion against the Creator they deny exists. They want to live their lives just as they please with out that pesky conscience convicting them otherwise. Eliminate God and it’s the Autobahn for life. You can drive as fast and loose as you see fit with no consequences or repercussions.

Only problem is, their conscience doesn’t go away and they have no explanation for it. They can’t shake it constantly screaming in their ears that a day will come in which their souls will be required of them. That sin is wrong and that maybe, just perhaps, they shouldn’t be enjoying it.

Evolution has become a religion, wether they care to admit it or not. It is a source of their origin and they fight to protect it almost to the point of bloodshed. Funny thing is, none of them will ever lay down their own life for what they believe.

I was an evolutionist of the highest order in my unbelief. I even attended a college that had many of the top scientists on their staff who were actually writing the scientific papers on evolution that would eventually end up in the text books. I was even taught by many of them. I know what it is to be an evolutionist, so I speak with experience. It’s a hopeless existence where everything happens by random accident and life in itself has no defined meaning to it. We’re all just some “next step” in our journey into whatever we’re going to become.

But in Christ, I know where I came from, who I am in Him, and where I am going.

How great it is to know.

But I’m happy these scientists have admitted they were wrong. It’s a step in the right direction.


About Matthew Blair

Sinner saved by grace.
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