Shame on me.

david-crowder1.jpgI recently saw an old David Crowder Band video on GodTube. It reminded me of the first time I ever saw David. I had heard his music before and enjoyed it. He struck me as man who threw himself completely into his worship and I could tell right off the bat how much he loved the Lord.

Then came the awkward moment I saw him for the first time. My first reaction to him was, “Um, Wow…..”. If you’ve ever seen David, you know he doesn’t exactly fit the worlds (or mine, for that matter) idea of GQ cover material. I couldn’t get past that for quite some time. I couldn’t leave behind me what David looked like and simply enjoy his music. Frankly, it didn’t even bother me until recently when the Lord nailed me when he brought back to my memory this little jewel:

Lk.4:22 And all spoke well of him and marveled at the gracious words that were coming from his mouth. And they said, “Is not this Joseph’s son?”

No big deal, right? But it’s that last part that cinched me. The people simply could not believe Jesus was the Messiah, well, for a number of reasons, but they saw him “as just”. Just a regular Joe like them. The guy next door who was a carpenter. There was nothing fancy about him to make anyone think he was the projected One to come. He had no fanfare, no crown, no legion of angels at His side, and no other distinguishable features. He was the same Jesus their children their children grew up with. He was just, well…normal.

When I saw David Crowder for the first time, I made a knee jerk decision that because he looked like “that”, that his music the just couldn’t be good. “I mean, look at him,” I thought. “He can’t be anyone to be taken seriously.” And in an instant, I completely threw off any value or worth David might have. I threw out his work in the areas of his ministry where he may have helped raise money to feed the poor, or preach the gospel in far away lands, or any other work he may have done for his Lord. I threw out the hours of prayer and tears he must have shed that someone in a crowd might come to saving faith or be encouraged in their walk. I trashed a fellow member of the same body I belong to. All because he didn’t look normal.

The glory of the Lord shines through David everytime he takes the stage to lead the crowd in worship. He has been a chosen vessel unto his Lord and has been a faithful servant for years now and now here I come smashing him down before he gets one word out of his mouth in praise. Shame on me.

We know better…we do. At least we say we do. I know as Caucasian man married to an African-American woman with two inter-racial kids, I OUGHT to know better than to judge a man by his appearance.
But this man I fight with, this flesh I contend for still is gasping for life. The Spirit takes me more and more each day, but he doesn’t like it none to much. But that’s OK. I have One who has overcome sitting at the right hand of my Father interceding for me at this very moment and he is just to forgive if I confess it to Him.

The same man that I would’ve most likely passed off “as just Josephs son”… the carpenter down the street. But He now sits as name above all names and king of all kings. My High Priest, slain in time past, now tells me it is well. It is forgiven me.

I am thankful he was one of us…yet sinless.

As David Crowder said, “He is our King.”


About Matthew Blair

Sinner saved by grace.
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