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chained-hands.jpgYou may or may not have noticed throughout blogdom that some blogs have the same “Voice of the Martyrs” logo in their sidebars as I have. In case anyone may not be familiar with this organization, they have been at the forefront of the persecuted church for years now. They are comprised of several sub ministries such as Bibles Unbound and who share the common goal of making known the plight of the persecuted in the body of Christ.

Persecution is alive and well in this world and thousands are being jailed and even killed for their faith in our Lord.

At their blog, they have this program where a blogger will agree to make 2 entries a month concerning that very subject. In turn, they will provide you with a sidebar logo and a weekly e-mail update on the latest detainment’s and killings that are within their umbrella of knowledge.

I would like to encourage anyone who shares a similar burden for that often forgotten appendage of the Lords body to take up the challenge and help bring their cause to the attention of our brothers and sisters.

One story I remember hearing that still sticks with me is a small bible study in, I think it was Korea, comprised of 5 women all hunkered down in a small room at night to avoid being seen. Authorities got wind of their location and kicked in the door as they were just wrapping up for the night. They made the women denounce their faith to them and leave the room, but before they were to leave, they were to spit on the one bible they all shared. Four of the women did just that. When the fifth refused to do so, they shot her execution style.

Many more stories just like that one can be found in their free newsletter “Voice of the Martyrs”. They will even send you a prayer map of the entire world highlighting the most persecuted areas and countries.

Click on my sidebar link for more information.

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