Of christians, Christians, and CHRISTians.

I’ve been trying to formulate in my mind how I wanted to say this, and viewing this video has finally given me that missing bit of information to help me say what I was thinking.

A week ago, I posted about the meaning of a name. Specifically, the name of our Lord. But lately I’ve been thinking about the title that we refer to ourselves as. The title of Christian. It’s what we are…who we identify ourselves with. Who we represent.

But this video gave me that last piece of the puzzle to fill in the blank I was struggling to fill. I’ll break it up into three parts:

1) There are christians. Emphasis is placed on the little “c”, little christ. Those who profess Christ. They say He is their Lord and Redeemer. He is their all in all. But on the contrary, live as though He didn’t even exist. They posses no death to their sin, no renewing of their minds into the image and likeness of Christ, no love to worship Him as the exalted King of all creation, no desire to seek Him or speak to Him. No desire to be apart of His body or share in the institutes He has put into place such as baptism, the Lords Supper, or the fellowship of gathering together in one accord. It’s a name of convenience to say that they identify with Christ to obtain all the benefits of what that identification entails. But it is an empty name. A powerless name.

2)Then there are Christians. Those that are truly blood bought and Spirit filled, but either lacking in love or lacking in a basic understanding of His Word and what the gospel is about. That’s where this video comes in.

I have no doubt in my mind that these men are truly born again believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, but they lack love and have become a mere resounding gong. They are intentionally harsh, mean spirited, and cold to the unbelieving…exactly the opposite of what we are called to exercise. We are called to be salt and light IN LOVE. They are to see Him in us, not our zealous schemes and techniques. Jesus would not have had it that way. Knowledge without love is merely a sledgehammer and love without knowledge is powerless to reach a dying world. Unfortunately, to my own shame,I feel as though I may be among them…having that balance of love and knowledge.

3) Then there are CHRISTians. Pronounced CHRIST-chuns. I’m making this word up as I feel it is warranted now in today’s “everyone for themselves” evangelicalism. It exalts Christ at the very front of the name and keeps Him as the focus. It is a cross centered, death to self life. These are the believers who live full bore, 100 percent in brokenness and yieldedness to the living Spirit that lies entrusted to them. They are the hands and feet of Christ. They are those who go forth in a broken heart and tears pleading with the sinner to turn from his sin and be saved. They are those who spend hours in prayer for the lost among them that they might be enlightened to the gift of salvation. They are the ones who are in constant prayers seeking forgiveness for any sin they feel may have broken that fellowship with the Father. They are destroyed when they cannot be more and more like their Master in any given situation. They go forth into lands they may not return from to seek and save the lost. They count everything as rubbish compared to the greatness of just being His. They lose all to have everything.

I know a few CHRISTians. Not many though. I wish I were surrounded by more of them. It’s an honor just to know the few I do. They just ooze Christ from their pours. When you speak with them or see them, you aren’t actually speaking to them or sitting with them! You’re with the very presence of the living Christ within them. I think we all have a few of those people in our lives who just make us feel horrible in our own walk.

But it’s a good horrible, though. It’s a feeling that says, “There’s the mark.” “That’s what we’re shooting for.”

It’s what I want at least. I want people to not see me but Christ in me. It’s my hope for this life.

So how about you? What type of _______ian are you?


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Sinner saved by grace.
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