What’s in a name? Plenty.

temp-hello.jpgIt seems as of late I have become more and more aware of people using unwarranted use of our Lords name. One can hardly turn on the TV without hearing, “Awe J!@#$ C!@#$”, or “G@% D*@$#!^!”. It’s begun to throw cold shivers up my spine.

In the 24 years of unbelief, blasphemy was an art form for me. It wasn’t really much to really give two thoughts about. It just flowed from my mouth as easy as pie. It was something I used to set an exclamation point to a given feeling or thought. But now, as a believer in the One who is name above all names, flippant use of His name has really has begun to make me nauseous. I’m at the point now that whenever I hear someone blaspheme, I squint like someone just threw a brick at me.

Blasphemy in the unbelieving world is not surprising nor does it shock me. After all, they’re unbelieving…it’s in their fallen nature to rebel against their Creator. I did it, so why shouldn’t they? I wouldn’t hold them entirely accountable to stop because attempting that would be like making a zebra stop being black and white. It’s en-grained in the fallen nature.

Wikipedia defines blasphemy as:

Blasphemy is the defamation of the name of one or more gods. These may include using sacred names as stress expletives without intention to pray or speak of sacred matters.

I think that “without intention” is key for us as believers, however. We confess that the Lord Jesus Christ is just that, Lord. That He is God. For us to use that name, or any derivative of that name, in a loose and inconsiderate fashion is blasphemy, wether we care to admit it or not. It is a high name. A Holy name. A set apart name. The name of all power and creation. The name that spoke and the universe lept into existence. The name that came and died to save us from Himself. Why then, do we drop that name in our daily lives like it were just another word. Like a penny on the ground that we kick around and step over like it had no value.

It’s is a name of tremendous value. It is sacred to us. Holy to us. It should never pass over our lips unless in complete honor and care of its use. To use it at as an exclamation point or a form of disbelief is just plain dishonoring. It’s saying to God, “Yes, I know that is your name, but I’m going to use it any way I want”.

But what about all the other forms of His name that look and sound like His name, but aren’t quite? Words like,”Jeez”, or “Oh my G#@”, or “Gee-Whiz”? Let’s not be coy. These are just words for us to use without the guilty conscience. They are obviously derivatives of His name. Names that are close enough, yet just far away enough so we can say in our own minds that we are not blaspheming. My conscience will not bear it, so I don’t use them. There really is no need for it.

In my opinion, it’s a matter of how Holy that name is to us. How high and lofty it is. I think it is a direct function of how high and Holy our God is to us.


About Matthew Blair

Sinner saved by grace.
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